Today’s Red Sage Anniversary Sale Featured Story

thebrideunmaskedHarriet Jones, The Bride Unmasked

Red Sage has always been a company with a mission: to shine a light on women’s yearnings for sex and love. By sharing our fantasies through storytelling, we learn just how normal our feminine desires really are. None of our Secrets need to be cloaked in mystery any longer.

It wasn’t always so. “The Bride Unmasked” tells the story of a young Regency bride whose husband treats her like fragile glass. She’s a lady, and he wouldn’t want to impose on her. Or risk hurting her. Or even discuss “it” with her. But this lady craves her husband’s passionate touch, so she goes undercover at a decadent masked ball and teaches him an unforgettable lesson!
On sale until June 10 for just $1.50!

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