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Mundania Press, LLC holiday sale!

To officially celebrate Mundania Press, LLC 10th year anniversay, Mundania Press, LLC, Phaze Books, Awe-Struck Publishing and Hard Shell Word Factory are running a sale starting today through the end of the year. On the Mundania Press, LLC website at www.Mundania.com and on the Phaze Books website at www.Phaze.com, enter the coupon code holiday to […]

Mundania Press, LLC and Hard Shell Word Factory new releases

Brenna Lyons’ Monsters of Myth http://www.mundania.com/book.php?title=Monsters+of+Myth We’ve read about them. We’ve watched movies about them. They’ve haunted our nightmares and tantalized our imaginations. They are the monsters of myth and legend. You know them: vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, zombies, ghosts, and all manner of mischievous creatures that cause inexplicable mayhem. Welcome to my worlds, and may […]

Mundania Press, LLC and Hard Shell Word Factory new releases

Noah Chinn’s Bleeding Heart Yard: A Damned Love Story http://www.mundania.com/book.php?title=Bleeding+Heart+Yard The first half of the worst week of Peter’s life happened when he was a young boy. Being cursed by a witch was bad enough, but what do you do when you don’t even know what the curse is, or when it is supposed to […]

A special 9/11 anthology from Hard Shell Word Factory

Brian W. Vaszily’s Beyond Stone and Steel: A Memorial to the September 11, 2001 Victims http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Stone-Steel-Memorial-September/dp/0759905126/ The tragedy of September 11, 2001 has left us each trying to fill a uniquely unfamiliar void in our soul with something that will make us whole again. Somehow we need to feel the experience in a way that […]