Red Sage: 15 Years. 15 Books. $1.50 Each

hot-blooded-husband1Alice Gaines,

The Hot-Blooded Husband


They say you should begin as you mean to go on. This is why we launched both the Secrets Anthologies and the Red Sage Presents e-books with novellas by Alice Gaines. We started strong with crowd-pleasing stories from this popular author.

“The Hot-Blooded Husband” represents another first for Red Sage — our first e-book featuring a dash of male-male sexual content. Dan and Brad, highly competitive macho men, can turn anything into a contest. When their wives ban them from their bedrooms, the men are soon engaged in a battle to prove which of them craves sexual satisfaction more. You’ll laugh out loud as they resolve that issue in yet another unforgettable Alice Gaines story.

On sale until June 10 for just $1.50!

Check Red Sage Revealed for more details of the Fifteenth Anniversary Sale and the Anniversary Party “Kidnap This Logo” Game!

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