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Tales Of The Kama Sutra Tales Of The Kama Sutra ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-156-2 (Electronic Set) A Collection of Erotic Romance

Divine SeductionAzurene: Divine Seduction

by Adrianna Dane

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-157-9 (Electronic)Genres: Futuristic / BDSM (Light) / Exhibitionism

Heat Level: 2

Length: Novella (25k words)

Description: New from Adrianna Dane, author of the recent best-seller A View To Possession and the year-long Top 10 best-seller No Choice…..


Passion awaits on the Northern Shores far from the arid heat of her desert home. Lessons in pleasure from a waterdweller awaken a desire that is doomed from the beginning, because Elita Watende, youngest daughter of the High Lord of the Desert Borders, has been promised to the Lord Guardian of the Northern Shores. The match is tied to an important treaty for Elita’s rebellious tribe, and it is a union she cannot refuse. More danger than she can possibly imagine awaits her beyond the desert borders. When the fiery-haired Elita rides one last time in her beloved homeland she is captured by the minions of Kadin, the Dark Underlord, whose plan is to use her as a pawn in a battle for control of the planet. Elita believes all is lost, but before the dark minions can mark her as the property of the underlord, a fierce blue warrior from the Northern Shores descends upon the horde, freeing Elita from their clutches. He serves Lord Raoul Duarte, Lord Guardian of the Northern Shores, and Elita’s future match. Yet he is so much more. For he is also an instructor in the arts of Amak, a mysterious man whom Elita knows only as Teacher who will school her in the knowledge of love for her union with another man.....…..Find Out More!




Bend Me Shape MeBend Me, Shape Me

by Caitlyn Willows

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-158-6 (Electronic)Genres: Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / Rubenesque

Heat Level: 3

Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)

Description: New from Caitlyn Willows, author of the best-selling stories Showtime, Playtime, and All Four One……


“Empty nest” equals “the love shack” when Jodi Leonard rediscovers a copy of The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra she had tucked away twenty-five years ago. Hank Leonard can’t wait to finally have the house and his wife all to himself. And does he have plans for her! “Bend me, shape me” has new meaning when one can barely touch their toes. Will Jodi and Hank’s sexual acrobatics help them rekindle those fires of youth…or send them to the emergency room?....…..Find Out More!



Breaking FreeBreaking Free

by Karen Erickson

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-159-3 (Electronic)Genres: Contemporary / Ménage (M/F/M) / Group

Heat Level: 3

Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)

Description: New from Karen Erickson, author of 2007 Amber Heat Wave Contest Winner Covet and the recent Top 10 best-seller Night Wolf….


Mallory is ready to let her inner vixen come out and play, and where better than the exclusive Kama Sutra Club? Ready to experience anything the club has to offer, she doesn’t expect to be attracted to the handsome owner. Managing the KS Club, Blake has seen and done it all. Upon meeting the beautiful Mallory, the attraction between them is instant. Sizzling. He wants to fulfill her every fantasy, even if that means bringing in someone else…....…..Find Out More!



Cave Creek Cowboy KamaCave Creek Cowboy Kama

by Brit Blaise

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-160-9 (Electronic)Genres: Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Series

Heat Level: 2

Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)

Description: New from Brit Blaise, author of best-sellers Wild And Wanton and Slayers Inc…..


Kyle Hansen is the black sheep from the poster-family for dysfunctional relationships. His reputation as a hell-raising womanizer began at the ripe age of twenty-one when the woman he fell in love with became pregnant and didn’t want him. Since then he’s been on a mission to prove her right…he doesn’t deserve to find someone who’ll love him. Juel Kelly’s world spins out of control when she comes face to face with the only man she’s ever loved. He’s unredeemable, incorrigible, and disrespectful, but she wants him as much as she always did, maybe even more. Teaching Kama Sutra had always come easily until she’s coerced into using her ex as a partner for a demonstration. Unbeknownst to both Kyle and Juel, family and friends from Cave Creek have decided to get them together again. Can Kyle risk another rejection, and can Juel handle the heat from a Cave Creek cowboy?....…..Find Out More!



Seduction CodeThe Seduction Code

by Trixie Stilletto

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-161-6 (Electronic)Genres: Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / Chick Lit / Voyeurism / Rubenesque

Heat Level: 3

Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)

Description: New from Trixie Stilletto, author of the best-sellers The Business Trip and Seducing Bo…..


More than she bargains for……Big, beautiful woman Cathy is desperate to make some dough. Little does she know answering a newspaper ad for free spirits will do more than solve her financial problems when she becomes involved in a sex study that isn’t all facts and figures. Can a woman with Tiffany tastes on a Wal-Mart budget find the deal of her life learning the desire of the Kama Sutra? Jonathan “Raul” Appleseed has more than just a passing interest in bringing the ancient sexual text into the future, but it’s all supposed to be done in the background. That’s until Cathy joins the survey. But can a man who has everything find the courage to step from behind the circuits into the real world of passion?.....…..Find Out More!



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Seduction in Black and White Tina Takes A Tumble

From Amber Allure Seduction In Black and White by Jamie Craig Book IV in the Best-Selling Series, The Master Chronicles (Gay / Ménage [M/M/F] / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / BDSM / Series) From Amber Heat

Tina Takes A Tumble by Mimi Riser

(Contemporary / Comedy / BDSM / Contemporary Fantasy / Exhibitionism / Series)




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