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Caitlyn's Kisses Vol. 5Caitlyn’s Kisses, Vol. V

by Caitlyn Willows
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-920-9 (Paperback)
Anthology / Collections / Contemporary / The Arts / BDSM / Suspense / Thriller / Ménage (M/F/M and M/M/F) / Group Sex / Bisexual Activity (M/M) / Interracial / Multicultural / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places

Heat Level: 3
Length: Paperback (60k words / 190 paperback pages)

Description: Love and adventure, naughty and nice, you’ll find it all in these steamy tales of erotica from the pen of Caitlyn Willows.  Previously available only in electronic format, these short stories and novellas have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales……

— One To Grow On
Reese has something extra special planned for his wife’s 30th birthday–the fulfillment of Judi’s widest sexual fantasies…and maybe a few of his, too.

— Tainted Love

Pride and fear have kept Quentin away.  But lost, lonely, and burned out, he’s come back, and he’s praying they can forgive that he tainted the love they once had.

— Midnight Rendezvous
There’s something about midnight that brings out the lust in Vanessa Morgan.  The inky darkness, the stars glittering in the sky…and the two hunky men watching her from the building next door.

— A Corner Of My Soul
Natalie’s become a part of his mind.  Now Doug has to shut her out to save their lives.  That alone is a tricky balance that could cost him the love he holds so dear.

— Lust Letters
Months of foreplay in lust letters that threaten to singe the paper they are written on are teasers for the main event when Hannah’s Marine finally comes home and takes his naughty wife in hand.

Clandestine LoveClandestine Love

by Jamie Craig
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-919-3 (Paperback)
Anthology / Collections / Contemporary / BDSM / Rubenesque / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Length: Paperback
(58k words / 160 paperback pages)
Description: When the stakes are this high, a simple falsehood is enough to change an entire life.  Previously available only in electronic format, these two novellas have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales……

— My Masked Mistress
Nobody can hide their secret desires behind a mask for long……Dante Frost is a very powerful man.  The young CEO of Foster and Howe, he is forced to make several sacrifices in his public and private life.  First and foremost, he can no longer frequent the BDSM club Switch, where he is a devoted and well-trained sub.  Dante thinks that life is completely behind him.  Until the night of the annual Halloween masquerade party, when he meets a most captivating Mistress.  Noelle Farinas is a very driven young woman.  When she is passed up for a much-deserved promotion at Foster and Howe, she immediately begins looking for ways to prove to Dante Frost that he made a mistake when he overlooked her.  Her research leads her to Switch, where she learns of Dante’s history at the club.  She hatches a plan to lure Dante to her at the annual masquerade party, but she never counts on enjoying her session with him.  And she certainly doesn’t expect Dante Frost to ask for a more permanent arrangement between the two of them…

— Double Down
In Las Vegas, lady luck rules.  For musician Patrick Gerhart, that means making his own luck.  Cass Davison is the woman of his obsession.   She’s beautiful, bold, and his best friend’s girl.  The last thing Patrick should do is challenge her in blackjack, and the last thing he expects is for her to agree to his terms.  If he wins, he finally gets a taste of her.  But if he loses…well, Patrick isn’t thinking about that possibility.  Because he’s waited a very long time for this chance with Cass, and it’s worth risking everything he has to get it…

Daring DeparturesDaring Departures

by Deirdre O’Dare
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-921-6 (Paperback)
Anthology / Collections / Contemporary / Nostalgic Contemporary (1950s-era) / Historical / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Action / Adventure / The Arts / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Teacher & Student / BDSM / Ménage (F/F/M) / Group Sex / Bisexual Activity (F/F) / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Paperback (74k words / 210 paperback pages)
Description: Departures may be of many kinds.  One can be leaving on a trip, whether by plane, train, automobile, stagecoach or spacecraft.  Or one can simply be departing from the rut of a routine or the constraints of a lifestyle.  In Daring Departures, each of the lead characters is “taking off” in some way to reap the rewards of brand new excitement, sensual pleasures and adventures of the amorous kind.  Join us for five departures of the most daring and delightful sort!  Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy short stories and novellas have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales……

— Revolution!

One kiss stolen by bandit general Carlos Montaña has Margarita Estrada ready to abandon her privileged home for life on the run as a revolutionary!
— Dude Ranch Nights
At La Riata Guest Ranch, socialite Carole VanDemont finds wild adventures with Cameron Greenway, the one man to challenge her in every possible way.

— Take It Easy
Although she enjoys music, cross-country trucker Stormy is content with her life.  Then she picks up Tom, a handsome hitchhiker with a guitar, who makes her body sing and tempts her to consider a career change.

— Journal Of A Timid Temptress
Coed Geri uses her limited wiles to become professor Philippe’s star pupil, both in class and in private.  And the lessons she receives exceed her wildest expectations.

— The Chess Master’s Queen
Trina has waited a millennium for revenge.  Hiding her true identity, she challenges vampire Viktor to a chess match, knowing he cannot resist any excitement in his mundane un-life.  Gradually she reveals herself and raises the stakes–will it be win-win or lose-lose?  Neither knows until the final checkmate.

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