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Drago IlluminareDrago Illuminare
by Grace Draven
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-876-9 (Paperback)
Anthology / Collections / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / Shapeshifter
Heat Level: 2
Length: Paperback
(52k words / 144 paperback pages)
Description: Here be dragons…and passion.  Welcome to the world of the illuminated dragon–where a prince of earth and air seeks reconciliation with his human mistress, and a wyvern reclaims the fiddler who loved him, lost him and never forgot him.  Previously available only in electronic format, these two novellas have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the tales…

— Draconus
An earth dragon, long-lived and skilled in the ways of magic, Magnus Silverclaw has hunted relentlessly for his errant human lover.  He is furious and bitter over what he considers Leida’s betrayal and seeks retribution by having her sentenced to four years of enforced servitude to him–in a position far below the one she once occupied as his mistress.  He does not anticipate her horrified reaction to the punishment or the reason for it, and her revelation leaves him reeling with shock and jealousy.  After nearly four years of evading capture, Leida of the Glimmer South stands bound before a tribunal of dragon judges, accused of theft and the illicit use of dragon magic.  Once the favorite of the dragon lord, Magnus Silverclaw, she faces punishment for a crime considered high treason among dragons.  Leida is still deeply in love with Magnus but refuses to divulge her reasons for why she stole from him and left without warning four years earlier.  Only the threat of enslavement makes her reveal a carefully guarded secret, one that can either reunite her with Magnus or tear her from him forever…
— Wyvern
Elsbeth Weaver, a talented fiddler, gave up the man she loved to care for her ailing grandfather.  Now, eight years later, she must risk her life to save her grandfather from a lynching, by playing for the wyvern that has terrorized her village throughout the summer.  When she comes face-to-face with the beast at the haunted cliffs of Maldoza, she is both terrified and fascinated.  Something about the creature reminds her of her long-lost lover, something more than just a shared name.  Alaric has never forgotten nor stopped loving the human woman he left in a dusty village almost a decade earlier.  So when he meets her again on the cliffs, wearing old dragon armor and playing her fiddle as if her heart would break, he is overjoyed.  But Elsbeth never knew the man to whom she had given herself was only an illusion for the wyvern.  Alaric must convince her that the heart of the beast is no less devoted than the heart of the man, and that leaving her a second time will not last another decade.

Indulgence 2Indulgence II
by Natalie J. Damschroder
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-877-6 (Paperback)
Anthology / Collections / Contemporary / The Arts / Suspense / Thriller / Action / Adventure / Paranormal / Psychic Phenomena / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Superheroes / Ménage (M/M/F) / Contains Some Bisexual Activity (M/M)
Heat Level: 3
Paperback (97k words / 280 paperback pages)
Description: Indulge yourself once again in scorching fantasy.  Fall in love with a younger man, a rock star, a superhero, or an emotionally tortured savior of abducted children.  Previously available only in electronic format, these four novellas of pure escapism have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the titles…
— Letting Go
Single mom Samantha Pearson lives for her son, who’s about to come home from college for the last Thanksgiving before graduation.  But a snowstorm traps him at the airport, while Samantha is trapped in her house for days with his best friend and roommate Zack, a sexy twenty-two-year-old charmer whose flattering flirtations stir something forbidden deep in her soul.  What she feels for the young man is utterly taboo, and she’s determined to fight her growing attraction.  But Zack, who fell for her the moment they first met, is equally determined to give Samantha all the pleasure and relaxation she never takes for herself…

— Rebuilding Forever
As Cassie and Seth’s re-wedding approaches and rock band Blue Silver’s success skyrockets, old problems are twisted by new realities that threaten their fragile new relationship.  Especially when Seth’s fears manifest in sexual dreams…about his fellow rocker and best mate, Blue Silver’s keyboardist Julian Manchester…

— Renegade
With her job as an information broker, Trex keeps tabs on her best friend Jake, who travels the world using his unique gifts to save abducted children, and she waits for his infrequent visits that always bring both joy and pain.  Things change, however, when Jake is on the run from the law, haunted by his failures, and tormented by waking nightmares.  And this time, he’s brought a partner.  Dan awakens in Trex a new craving, but one that doesn’t eliminate the old.  When she realizes the men need her, that she has the power to banish their demons–however temporarily–they embark on a journey of sensuality and desperate pleasure.  In the end, she not only has the power to heal them, but to set them free…

— Under Control
Sloane Marshall discovers superheroes.  Once she confirms they have ability, she trains them.  Half the members of the guild are there because of her.  But Tommy Idaho is unique, and she knows this before she even meets him.  So does Magnus VanDein, the most powerful and untouchable criminal in the world.  He also knows Idaho’s weakness, and unless Sloane can convince the recalcitrant hero to embrace his powers and join the guild, they’ll both wind up dead…

Man PowerMan Power
by Adrianna Dane
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-873-8 (Paperback)
Gay / Anthology / Collections / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Fantasy / Superheroes / BDSM / Ménage (M/M/M) / Group Sex / Interracial / Multicultural / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Paperback (67k words / 210 paperback pages)
Description: Three erotic worlds fused together to unite the fierce passion and lusty friction of the ultimate in dynamic man power.  Love and domination, frailty and fate, alien passion and cyber sex.  All male, all desirable.  All looking for love. Previously available only in electronic format, these three stories of gay erotic romance have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales…

— Captivity
A winged man known simply as “the wild thing” has been free to roam the jungles outside Bendar City until he’s betrayed, captured, and sold to a powerful lord who values the stunning birdman’s unique beauty.  Lord Adolpho Serratin of the Kalamadur Oasis maintains a collection of unusual discoveries, many one-of-a-kind, and “the wild thing” soon becomes the most beloved of Serratin’s possessions…in more ways than one.  He is given the name Orion Birdwalker, tamed, and trained to serve his new master in all ways, including those duties involving intimate service.  But when Orion is presented with an unexpected chance for escape, it becomes the hardest decision he will ever make, since he knows he can’t have both his freedom and Lord Serratin, the master he has come to love.  Will he choose to flee, or remain a captive to his own passions?
— Opposing Forces
Having been passionate lovers before a laboratory explosion changed their lives, Paz Jones and Nikki Lozakis finally meet again under very different circumstances.   Both men are changed, one now known to the world as Silverhawk, who believes in justice and uses his new powers to help the world, and the other a mutant going by the name of Steele, a rogue with superhuman abilities, intent on destroying the mad scientist who made him what he is.  Can two men with scarred souls and the superior potential to guard humanity save themselves and re-ignite the love they once shared even though they are no longer the men they once were?   And can they come to terms with what they have become, and what they have lost?

— Hot Male
Leo Southworth is into a very hot male on the new .man network.  Suffering from injuries that cause him constant pain, Leo has shied away from physical relationships, and talking with Sirras online is what keeps him going.  It isn’t only about the cyber sex–it’s because Sirras can take him places he’s never been before.  But Sirras, consorting with a human online, is breaking every law known to Avvarian “travvellers.”  Yet there’s something about Leo that Sirras can’t resist.  As if that isn’t bad enough, who should appear in Sirras’s life at the worst possible moment?  Raddlack, the mage-lord with whom Sirras had shared a night of sizzling passion.  Sirras and Leo…two lonely men who aren’t looking for love, who connect online, thinking it would be enough to satisfy their need for companionship after taking some hard turns in their lives.  But love is what happens when three hot males physically come together, and it will blow apart all their worlds and ignite something brighter, hotter, and more lasting than any of them could have ever imagined…

Moments In TimeMoments In Time
by Christiane France
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-875-2 (Paperback)
Anthology / Collections / Contemporary / Paranormal / Ghosts / Hauntings / BDSM (Light) / Nostalgic Contemporary (World War II-Era) / Action / Adventure / Mystery / Ménage / Some Gay (M/M) Content / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Paperback (69k words / 192 paperback pages)
Description: Moments In Time will whisk you to a stately English home and identical twins who will never be parted even though one of them is dead, will provide you with a glimpse of WWII Britain through the eyes of a MI5 agent and an Italian pow, and will show you one woman’s struggles in a rapidly changing world as she tries to honor the promise she made to her grandfather to keep the family business in operation. Previously available only in electronic format, these three steamy novellas of erotic romance have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales…
— Inseparable
When Alison Palmer gets a job house-sitting Foxton Hall in England, she meets handsome Nick Berringford…and his deceased, identical twin brother, Nathan.  Rumor has it Nathan’s ghost not only haunts the bedroom where he died, but the ghost is gaining a reputation for making love to any woman who happens to sleep there.  At first, Ali thinks she’s having sexy dreams about the live twin, Nick, until Nathan introduces himself, and Ali realizes she’s in love with both the ghost and his twin, and the trio soon become inseparable.  But what will happen if Nick’s bid to buy back the Hall succeeds?  Will Nathan’s unfinished business cause him to disappear out of their lives for good?
— Sabotage
When the dark clouds of war began to roll across Europe in 1939, Pamela Bradley-Browning is given safe but essential war work as an assistant intelligence analyst at MI5.  But a flurry of sabotage activity and a shortage of agents has Pamela posing as a member of the Women’s Land Army with instructions to root out the bad guys.  Pamela makes the mistake of falling in love with Corporal Bruno Sabatini, one of the Italian prisoners of war working on the same farm.  She knows fraternizing with the enemy is a crime.  But she’s not too worried until she discovers Bruno’s father owns an arms factory in Italy, appears to be pro-German, and Bruno is MI5’s number one suspect as the saboteur.  Desperate to clear the name of the man she loves before the police decide to wring a confession out of him, Pamela’s in a race against time to unmask the real villain.

— Proud Mary
Mary Bonelli promised Jamie McMahon she’d marry him when she grew up, but different career paths tore the lovers apart.  Yet when Mary’s grandfather dies and she returns home to save the family restaurant as she also promised, Jamie has to wonder…has she come back merely to honor her grandfather’s request, or is she finally ready to keep the vow she made to him on the night of their high school prom?  And once additional trouble arrives on Mary’s doorstep, will she realize she can’t fix everything herself, admitting she’ll have to put pride in her pocket and finally accept help from the man she so desperately wants?

Passion & SatisfactionPassion & Satisfaction
by M. L. Rhodes
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-874-5 (Paperback)
Gay / Anthology / Collections / Contemporary / BDSM / Series
Heat Level: 3
Paperback (70k words / 198 paperback pages)
Description: From M. L. Rhodes, award-winning and best-selling author of gay fiction……Now merged together in one paperback volume, readers can enjoy the first two parts of Jesse McIntyre’s and Robert Bauer’s love story!
— Passion
As the owner and CEO of his own company, Robert Bauer has spent the past fifteen years building his business into a multi-million-dollar corporation.  It’s taken all his time and energy, which hasn’t left much room for a personal life, especially a love life.  That’s fine with Robert because he doesn’t believe in the “L word” anyway.  Lately, however, every time he goes to his favorite bar, he can’t keep his eyes and thoughts off Jesse McIntyre, the gorgeous bartender with the soulful blue eyes.  Even though Robert’s not looking for a relationship, and tries to shake the attraction, he can’t get the younger man out of his system.  There’s just one problem…he believes Jesse’s straight.  Jesse’s been on the run from his old life for the past two and a half years.  Even though he slings drinks at a gay bar, he has a hard and fast rule about never hooking up with customers.  He’s been down that road before, and though his physical wounds have healed, the emotional ones aren’t so easy to forget.  He lets his customers assume he’s straight because it makes it easier to keep his distance.  That is, until the businessman with the sexy smile starts coming into the bar.  Jesse’s drawn to Robert, even though he knows there’s no way a wealthy, powerful man like that would ever be interested in a tattooed, college drop-out bad boy like him.  But even if Robert weren’t his opposite, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because Jesse’s determined not to break his rules for anyone.  When fate throws them together, and they find themselves alone for a weekend, the passion that has silently simmered for months ignites a firestorm that leaves them both shaken.  Will it be enough, though, to convince Robert, who’s sworn to never fall in love, that he might be pushing away the best thing that’s ever happened to him?  Or to force Jesse to face his fears once and for all and learn to trust his heart?
— Satisfaction
Five months later, though the fire’s still burning sinfully hot between Robert and Jesse, the realities of their opposite lifestyles begin to take a toll.  Robert’s constant business travel weighs heavily on Jesse.  When he realizes they’re having more phone sex than real sex, and he’s sleeping alone the majority of the time despite the fact he and Robert are supposedly living together, he worries there’s more behind Robert’s trips than just business.  Jesse’s sure Robert’s avoiding him, avoiding them, but through the years his lover has built so many thick, protective walls to guard his emotions, Jesse finds it tough to get past them and discover why.  He loves the man like crazy, and doesn’t doubt Robert loves him, too, yet will love be enough to overcome whatever is haunting Robert and heal the rift that’s slowly tearing them apart?



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