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Three Devils In BathThree Devils In Bath

by Mia Cherish
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-608-6 (Electronic)

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-820-2 (Paperback) 

Genres: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Historical / Regency / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / Interracial / Multicultural / Mystery / Detective / Ménage (M/M/F) / Group Sex / Bisexual (M/M) Content
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novel (94k words / TBD paperback pages)
Description: As the Regency years approach their twilight, Lord Cedric “Seti” Edgard enjoys his idyllic existence between Extranatural society and English human haut ton.  The elegant vampire’s term as Bath’s Extranatural Justice near completion, he anticipates comfortable retirement with his two bisexual vampire lovers, Troyes “Lucifer” de Pellerin, a French nobleman, and Dane “Hades” Melbourne, Cedric’s godson and assistant.  High society dubbs them “The Three Devils of Bath,” and no man or woman is safe from their sensuous attentions.  Mariotte Sabrier, a Creole musician, piques Cedric’s craving for feminine loveliness, and he offers her a place in his household and seduces her.  Employment as a concert pianist allows Mariotte to live on her own terms, free of her dissolute half-brother’s control, far from Louisiana’s Gulf Coast and rumors of her tainted racial heritage.  Introduction as Cedric’s ward grants her entrée into the upper class and hopes of advantageous marriage, while Cedric’s taste of erotic gratification sweetens her acceptance.   And the caveat–she must also entertain the vampire’s constant companions, Dane and Troyes–increases her intrigue.  Love, risk, pleasure, and past disappointments stalk Mariotte’s endeavors to fulfill her bargain.  Troyes introduces her to the pursuit of pleasure for its own sake, while Dane initiates her into exotic sensuality and their friendship deepens to love, a match for the fiery longing Mariotte senses whenever she and Cedric occupy the same room.  After Cedric’s investigation of a shocking Extranatural murder exposes them all to danger, the lovers must confront what Mariotte’s alliance really means.  Is the exotic beauty suited to the deeper intimacies of vampire love, or will she remain happiest as the pampered mistress and companion to the Three Devils in Bath?………..Find Out More!


Forward Progress

Forward Progress by Pepper Espinoza
(Contemporary / Sports / Athletes / Exhibitionism / Public Places)


Cy Gets A Sex DemonCy Gets A Sex Demon
by Angela Fiddler
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-610-9 (Electronic)

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-822-6 (Paperback)

Genres: Gay / Paranormal / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / BDSM (Light) / Suspense / Thriller

Heat Level: 3
Length: Novel (45k words / TBD Paperback pages)
Description: The job started just like any job……Find heir to billionaire fortune, check.  Bust up demon brothel sanctioned by the head boss person, no-problemo.  Pissing off a well-positioned member of the fae court is all in a night’s work, but finding love with the office temp who just might know more than he’s letting on?   That was an issue.  But once Cy finds love in just the one particular wrong place, his easy-going lifestyle of kill or be killed has to change.  Demon brothel or not, if he doesn’t find the missing heir, he’ll probably not see the end of the day, and that is finally starting to mean something other than just not getting paid.  It helps that through Cy’s minuscule talents, no one can lie to him, but it’s not as though he has any home-court advantage when the consequences go from business to strictly personal.  Oh, and he also gets a sex demon………..Find Out More!

Man-AmorphosisThe Search For Soaring Hawk
by Terry O’Reilly
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-609-3 (Electronic)

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-821-9 (Paperback)

Genres: Gay / Historical / The Old West / Interracial / Multicultural / Ménage (M/M/M) / Group Sex
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novel (86k words / TBD paperback pages)
Description: Son of an Indian brave and a white captive, Soaring Hawk is raised in the native customs.  As he grows into manhood, he discovers his desire for the love of men.  Knowing the fate of those that are of “two spirits” within his tribe, he leaves the Indian village, disguises his heritage and enters the white man’s world as Samuel Hawkins.  He soon discovers that life here is difficult for a man who prefers men to women.  While he finds companionship, and forms bonds with, many of the men he meets, he is unable to find a relationship that satisfies his deepest need.  He also discovers that much of what is in the world outside his village conflicts with the values of his native upbringing.  Sam embarks on an odyssey that takes him across the continent and into the arms and the beds of many lovers.  As he travels, he comes to realize that love has many forms.  But the one he seeks most continually eludes him.  The only constant in his life is his faithful half-breed wolf-dog.  Where will Sam’s odyssey lead him, and will he ever come to the end of his search for Soaring Hawk?………..Find Out More!


Alive On The Inside Sins Of Omission Wanting

Alive On The Inside by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks
(Gay / Erotic Horror / Dark Fantasy /  BDSM)
Sins Of Omission by India Harper
(Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / BDSM / Ménage [M/M/M] / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Series)
Wanting by M. L. Rhodes
(Gay / Contemporary)

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