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Walking After MidnightWalking After Midnight
by T. D. McKinney
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-568-3 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-840-0 (Paperback)
Genres: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Suspense / Thtriller
Length: 101k words (TBD paperback pages)
Description: New from T. D. McKinney, author of Dancing In The Dark

The sequel to Dancing In The Dark, a Dream Realm Award Finalist for “Best Horror”……One man had immortality in his grasp, but does the beautiful vampire who offered it still want him?  FBI profiler Jack Niemczyk had everything.  Money, influence, the freedom he’d always craved, and mind-exploding sex like he’d never imagined.  Everything, all wrapped up in the lush body of his vampire lover, Baby Roxton, Queen of New Orleans.  The life of which he never dared to dream…his.  Until she walked away.  Now, Jack still has the money and the freedom, but without Baby, without the blood and the sex that go with being the Queen’s Pet, his life is empty.  And now a killer stalks the Chosen, those mortals like Jack, the beloved humans of the Pride.  And the slaughter will continue unless Jack outs his dream world and watches it crumble under humanity’s paranoia.  Will the killer’s flaming crosses take what little Jack has left?  Or will the deadly addiction to Baby’s blood end it all first?………..Find Out More!


No NoveltyNo Novelty

by Jamie Craig
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-569-0 (Electronic) 

Genres: Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Length: Amber Kiss (10k words)

Description: New from Jamie Craig, author of the Amber Heat best-sellers Lucky Haunts and Queen Of Diamonds…..
Sydney Mabry has had a crush on her sexy neighbor, Steven Teller, for months, but no matter what she does, she can’t get his attention.

When Steven makes an uncharacteristic slip of the tongue and admits he writes reviews for adult toys and novelties, however, Sydney uses the information to get her foot in the door…

With an eye toward Steven’s bed………..Find Out More!


Finnish Fantasies

Finnish Fantasies by Sloane Taylor
(Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / BDSM / Exhibitionism / Contains Some Bisexual [F/F] and Ménage [F/F/M] Activity)


Burrito Belle's Gringo GuyBurrito Belle’s Gringo Guy
by Deirdre O’Dare
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-571-3 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Action / Adventure / Suspense / Thriller / Interracial / Multicultural / Series
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words)
Description: New from Deirdre O’Dare, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Doggone Love and The Maltese Terror……

A new installment in the best-selling Canine Cupids series……Juan is on the run for his life when he stumbles across an abandoned Chihuahua pup.  What better companion for his flight, and a mascot for his initial foray into free enterprise in his new home?  But dangerous enemies are determined to track him down.  It takes a strong friend to help him survive.  Troy grew up in poverty and has clawed his way to success.  Until he builds a foolproof security, he hasn’t got time for relationships, or so he tells himself.  Then an amazing little dog and her equally amazing master charge into his life and Troy’s captured in a net of lust, danger and obligations he never expected to find………..Find Out More!

Memory Of DarknessMemory Of Darkness
by P. A. Brown
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-570-6 (Electronic)

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-841-7 (Paperback)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective / BDSM / Dark Humor

Heat Level: 3
Length: Novel (58k words / TBD paperback pages)
Description: Johnny Wager has been a loser all his life and proud of it.  But when a West Hollywood twink ends up dead in a hotel room with Wager literally holding the bag, he knows his life is going to change for the worse.  Pursued by the West Hollywood sheriffs for a murder he knows he didn’t commit, Wager has to stay one step ahead of them and prove his innocence.  It doesn’t help matters any that his own son, Mark Wager, is a deputy sheriff who has joined the manhunt and has more reason than anyone to find the father who failed him all his life and bring him to justice.  Add Hyacinth, a six-foot-five drag queen from New Orleans, Taz, her Puerto Rican boyfriend, an ex-Marine porno filmmaker and his incontinent Basset Hound Columbo, and the Armenian mob chasing them all through the streets of Los Angeles and the art walks and canals of Venice Beach.  Wager pursues his own answers to the question of who is trying to kill him in the sleazy bars and back alleys of Hollywood all the way to Cathedral City.  Can Wager stop the killers and reconcile with his son or will he end up being the next victim?  Betrayed by friends, beset by his own conscious that has come back late in life with a vengeance, and the need to redeem himself, he battles the ruthless mob in the only way he knows how: with cunning and a total disrespect for the law…………Find Out More!


A Good Neighbor Netting Neptune

A Good Neighbor by Clare London
(Gay / Contemporary / Romantic Comedy)
Netting Neptune by KC Kendricks
(Gay / Contemporary / Series)

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