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Painting With Brushes by Giselle Renarde
(Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / Interracial / Multicultural / Ménage [M/M/F] / Group Sex / Contains Some Bisexual [M/M] Activity)


ISBN: 978-1-61124-060-3
An AmberPax Collection Of
“Reunion” Gay Erotic Romance

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Chance Encounter
by Christiane France
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-061-0 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective
Heat Level: 2
Length: Novella (25k words)
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Description: New from Christiane France, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Independence Day 2 and French Twist……

In high school and through their first year of college, Jase Thoman and Matt Lester were best friends and lovers. But then Matt’s family moved across country, Matt transferred to another school, and the pair eventually drifted apart. Now, ten years later, they meet again by chance. Jase is a private investigator, desperate to find his kid brother, Donny, who, in addition to two other teenage boys, has mysteriously disappeared after last being seen at a local gay bar. Matt is an undercover police officer brought in on the case by the local police department in the hope he can succeed where they have so far failed. Matt is the only man Jase has ever really loved, but ten years is a long time. They’re not the same people they once were, and when Matt tries to pick up where they left off, Jase takes a step back. His first priority is finding his brother. As far as Matt is concerned, Jase feels how he imagines a deer would feel when caught in the headlights of a vehicle with little or no chance of escape–confused, unsure, and at the same time, positive whatever he does will be the wrong thing. Can Matt help Jase solve the mystery of his brother’s whereabouts, while also convincing him to give their relationship a fresh start?………..Find Out More!

December Promise
by KC Kendricks
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-062-7 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (17k words)
New Release 35% Discount (One Week Only)

Description: New from KC Kendricks, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Give Me One Night and What You Don’t Confess……

Paul Macy moved heaven and earth to get a reluctant Lee Kendall for his college roommate. Giving up his free-and-easy lifestyle for the sexy new guy on campus had been the easiest decision Paul had ever made. Walking away from Lee, however, had been the hardest. Now, years later, Lee Kendall’s made it to the top of his field by working hard, and playing harder in the right circles. Yet he has also come to realize that success is empty when you have no one with whom to celebrate it. But as luck would have it, an invitation to visit his alma mater brings Lee face-to-face with his first lover, and a chance for the reconciliation he never thought possible. The sparks fly when Paul and Lee reunite, fulfilling long-denied dreams for both men. But passion isn’t a pledge, and it takes more than promises made in the dark to forge a shared future between two lonely hearts………..Find Out More!

Embrace My Reflection
by T. A. Chase
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-063-4 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Acton / Adventure
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (38k words)
New Release 35% Discount (One Week Only)

Description: New from T. A. Chase, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Be The Air For You and Nowhere Diner: Finding Love……

Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake were best friends during high school, and in those two years, they fell in love. But Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind to deal with the pain of being alone. Now, a decade later, Ronnie works at Cindi’s Cabaret in New Orleans as a female impersonator. He’s come to terms with the fact that he likes to dress in women’s clothes, as well as his heartbreaking love for Lucius. Although Ronnie’s happy, he still longs to reconnect with the man who left him all those years ago. Lucius returns to New Orleans and gets a job as a detective on the police force. Finding out Ronnie also lives in the city brings all of Lucius’s buried feelings to the surface. When Lucius discovers his high school sweetheart is being stalked by a sleazy United States senator, he immediately jumps into action. Protecting the man he loves comes naturally for him. Accepting that Ronnie dresses like a woman, however, is a little more difficult. Yet can love find a way to survive, no matter the obstacles in its way?………..Find Out More!

In From The Cold
by Carolina Valdez
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-064-1 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (21k words)
New Release 35% Discount (One Week Only)

Description: New from Carolina Valdez, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Twilight and Hole In One……

East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet… Jon and Wendell were fourteen when they first experimented with each other and discovered they were gay. Lovers and in love, they drifted apart after graduation when Jon left to follow his dream to rock ‘n’ roll stardom. A heartbroken Wendell recovered by earning an animal husbandry degree at a California university. He returned to the small Oregon town where they’d grown up to raise sheep with his father. Ten years later, Wendell’s contentment is shattered when Jon and his band arrive to play for their high school reunion. Love surprises both men by immediately flaring into liquid heat. Jon begs Wendell to give up his life in Oregon and live with him in New York City. Wendell refuses, however, asking Jon to move in with him instead. But Jon refuses to abandon his career and returns to Manhattan. Will Wendell and Jon remain star-crossed lovers, or will they find a way to bridge the distance and discover the true meaning of “home”?………..Find Out More!

Remember Me?
by Lynn Lorenz
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-065-8 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (23k words)
New Release 35% Discount (One Week Only)

Description: New from Lynn Lorenz, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers David’s Dilemma and No Good Deed……

For Chad and Jeff, summer camp had been a time of discovering each other and making promises. One of those promises was to stay in touch and keep seeing each other. But Chad never called, and Jeff remained behind to finish high school. Chad broke Jeff’s heart, but both men suffered. Chad couldn’t forgive himself for being a coward and not standing up to his parents, and Jeff wouldn’t let anyone into his heart again to hurt him. A year after Katrina and ten years after that fateful summer, Chad and Jeff meet again, only this time it’s in the ER of a local hospital. Chad is the attending doctor and Jeff is an assault victim, on the brink of death. Chad is once again swept into the past by the only man he’s ever loved, and like before, Chad makes promises to Jeff-promises he will keep, or else. When Jeff awakes from a coma, he finds the man who broke his heart sitting in his hospital room. Angry, confused and scared, Jeff has no defense against this man. And he also has no one else to care for him, only Chad. After all these years, Jeff’s dream has finally come true, Chad is back in his life. But for how long? And is Jeff willing to open his heart to the man who broke it?………..Find Out More!


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Entertaining The Delaneys by Anne Brooke
(Gay / Contemporary / BDSM [Light] / Ménage [M/M/M] / Group Sex / Voyeurism)

The Impersonator by Shawn Lane
(Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Series)

Long-Term by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks
(Gay / Contemporary / BDSM)

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