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Kelly Lougheed’s The Graveyard Gymnasium

It’s difficult to be a rebel at an all-girls boarding school like Hawthorn, but Charity Hooper tries her hardest, smuggling food into the library and favoring CliffsNotes over boring volumes of literature. In fact, if Hawthorn weren’t an all-girls school, she feels certain she would be having a tempestuous affair with a dangerous rogue who copied all his math homework answers from the back of the book.

When Hawthorn hosts a band of exchange students from Romania, Charity knows this is her shot at a tempestuous affair. But after she witnesses an exchange student slurping her roommate’s blood one night, she realizes that the Romanians would be less interested in kissing her than in biting her head off. And the Romanians aren’t the only vampires lurking on campus, either–according to an old inscription in the school gymnasium, a legion of vampires lie buried alive beneath it.

Does she dare confide in the English teacher she wishes were her BFF, Ms. Van Tessel, who mysteriously saved Charity’s bitten roommate with a blood transfusion? But why did Ms. Van Tessel have blood in her mini-fridge in the first place? Can Charity even trust her?

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