Merry Christmas from Whiskey Creek Press!

Hello all you gazetteers! Whiskey Creek Press is absolutely thrilled to share our news and joys with you all in such a welcoming venue! Well, it’s been an exciting month for Whiskey Creek Press!  Before we get to this month’s releases (you don’t want to miss these!), we have some very exciting news to report! 

First, November marked the month of our 500th book going up on Fictionwise! It’s amazing to think that Whiskey Creek has been able to bring 500 more authors’ works to life for a whole different population. We’re so proud of our authors, and can’t wait for 500 more!

Second, Richard Satterlie’s WCP release, Pheonix won first place in the Published Fiction category in the Arizona Authors Association’s annual writing contest! Wow, congrats, Rich! If you’d like to see the AZ Authors’ website for a look at all the winners, and don’t forget to check out the winning novel!

Third, we had two authors win Night Owl Romance awards for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance! C’ann Inman came in First Place with her Torrid Teasers 33: Moon Goddess & Sun Goddess, and Susan Sailors won Second Place with her General Line release, Night Gardening! Congrats, ladies! You’ve done Whiskey Creek Press proud!

And on to the new releases! Wow, have we got some good ones for you! ’Tis the season, and what do you think of most at Christmas? Well, besides Santa and reindeer and snow and everything else? Romance, of course! Snuggling by the fire, sipping hot chocolate under a cozy blanket, ice skating while holding hands… Oh, how romantic…

And this month Whiskey Creek Press is chock full of romance for you! We always have hot releases on the Torrid side, and December is no exception, but this month we really brought Santa Claus to town on the General side and found some of the best romances around to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. So snuggle on up and enjoy some good reading!

Whiskey Creek Press wishes you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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