eRedSage April Releases


Veterinarian assistant Ava Sweet has lusted in secret after bad boy Luke McGiffin since high school. Years pass, but she never loses hope that he will come to see her as a desirable woman.

Then one day she overhears Luke scorning her. “Dr. Doolittle? Sexy? How can you tell when every piece of clothing she owns is big and baggy and ugly as sin?”

That’s it. No more of him treating her like a kid sister. It’s time to show the hunky roofer her feminine side. The plan? Step One: arrange a fake date right under Luke’s nose to drum up some jealousy. Step Two: let her best friend Jen give her a seductive, innocent-vixen, miniskirt makeover. Step Three: tempt Luke right out of his sexy jeans.

But can Ava handle a man with such strong appetites, or is she in over her head?


“Warlun, make my wish come true….”

Greek princess Katja McNeal burns for her pirate husband, Rafe, but he has stopped making love to her. No more wanton escapades. No more passionate trysts. No more of the overwhelming hunger that drove him to claim her for his own.

Is this the life they must lead now? Asleep side by side, night after sultry night, two polite strangers in a cooling bed?

No. Katya refuses to accept loneliness and heartbreak when she is so desperately in love with her husband. She heads for the legendary wishing fountain in the village of their Caribbean island, and tosses a coin to the stone fountain god, Warlun.

“Warlun, make my wish come true….”

Rafe, a wealthy rogue pirate with a beautiful princess for a wife, is torn by a heart-wrenching secret. He loves Katya with a boundless passion. He’s haunted by the intense perfection of their lovemaking, by the beauty of her naked limbs spread before him like a feast.

But he also craves another kind of feast.

A feast for his senses, and for hers.

A feast that would bring another man into their marital bed.

“Warlun, make my wish come true….”

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