Chimeraworld #5 – submission window extended to Xmas 2007

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The vast majority of the submissions to Chimeraworld this year have been rejected because, while they are good stories in their own right, they are OFF GUIDELINES. I’ve extended the submission window to Xmas 2007 and changed the email address for submissions (below). Chimeraworld 5 is all about alternative moral states, it’s not about religion, period. There are no Gods, that’s the subtitle to this year’s Chimeraworld, and the aim is to prove that such belief systems are not essential to life on this planet. Here’re the guidelines, repeated.


You’d be surprised how many inhabitants of this stupid crazy violent planet still have faith that there’s some sort of Divine Being responsible for our here-ness, someone we’ll answer to in the ‘hereafter’. The theme of Chimeraworld 5 allows the ‘genreclectic’ writer to fully explore man’s animal nature devoid of religious dogma or moral debate. The problem with no God (arbitrarily defined good) is there’s no (arbitrarily defined) Evil. That means there is no Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, Sikh, Baha’i, Jain and so on…

Please don’t send traditional spiritual stories or stories of traditional demons – there is no soul, there are no demons. Imagine the potential of a world without God – a world where EVERYONE knows there’s no God, no salvation, no retribution, no blame and, more importantly, no politically-motivated creed to protect. No moral agenda to suppress the masses. What would such a world without Gods (a Chimera World) be like?

Chimeraworld 5 will be published by Chimericana Books, early 2008 in American format 6″ by 9″ trade paperback. I’ll be reading submissions until Xmas 2007. Word count: 2,000–4,000 words, strict. Payment: contributor’s copy followed by 50% equal profit share. Reprints: no. Esubs: only. Format: Microsoft Word .doc or .rtf. Font: Times Roman, 12 point, single space. Add postal address, email and word count to first page. Add 50–100 word bio after THE END.

New submission email is

Please pass this on to any writer friends you think might be interested.

(Mike Philbin, editor for Chimericana Books)

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