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No Frills Buffalo Presents Flashes and Specks

Math, Madness and The End of the World. Title: Flashes and Specks Author: Mark Pogodzinski Genre: Fiction Price: $12.95 Availability:, Kindle, B&, Nook, No Frills Buffalo Beneath the surface,  under all the real things in the world is the mystery of it all. And when one little thread is pulled it can come apart. […]

Mundania Press, LLC new release!

Seleste deLaney’s Kiss of Death Too many years of killer vamps have triggered the curse of the Blood Kissed. They’ve awakened the bloodline that can alter their world, because her blood has the power to control them all–even make them destroy each other. Jocelyn thought her troubles with vampires were over when she drove […]

Mundania Press, LLC new releases!

Robert Adams’ Swords of the Horseclans   The blood-soaked blade of war.   For seven hundred years, the Undying High Lord Milo has been building his Confederation, leading the Horseclans slowly across the lands once known as the United States, absorbing city-states and nomadic tribes alike, some by peaceful means, some by the […]

Diana from Child of the Fallen Angels Chats with QMO Magazine

  Diana from Child of the Fallen Angels Chats with QMO Magazine. Great character interview of a fine paranormal romance from Dark RoastPress! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share with Stumblers Tweet about it

New From No Frills Buffalo: THE PLAZA

New From No Frills Buffalo    Title: The Plaza Author: Guillermo Paxton Genre: Crime Fiction Retail Price: $15.95 Also available for Kindle and Nook Praise for THE PLAZA “It is an unforgettable novel that you won’t put down.” -R. Hastings “THE PLAZA is a brilliant piece of work.” -Chris Mendius “Hard hitting and intense.” […]

Mundania Press, LLC new release!

  Marilyn Meredith’s Raging Water: A Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series   A rash of burglaries and the murder of two women shock the mountain community of Bear Creek. Add a fast-moving thunderstorm that brings torrential rains and Tempe Crabtree, the resident deputy sheriff, can forget about her days off.   Who would murder two […]

Labelle Books: Helgaleena is looking for Reader Reviews- FREE COPIES, find out how to get yours…

  Labelle Books: Helgaleena is looking for Reader Reviews- FREE COPIES, find out how to get yours…. Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share with Stumblers Tweet about it

Mundania Press, LLC new release!

J.A.  Saare’s The Ripple Effect There  is always a price to pay… Rhiannon Murphy visited the future, witnessed  hell on earth and made choices to change things for the greater good.  Unfortunately there are consequences for her actions, the penalties for her  interference possibly more than she can bear. Determined to sever her debt […]

Last day of our Smashwords sale! at Dark Roast Press

The Smashwords seasonal coupon codes expire August 1, so get your discounted erotic romances, thrillers, and paranormals while they’re cheap! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share with Stumblers Tweet about it

Mundania Press, LLC new release!

Kelley Heckart’s Daughter of Night   Their destiny began in the ancient land of Anatolia.   In 1326 BC, Crete is the last remaining sacred place for the Great Goddess, but changes began to threaten the old gods, the Titans. Forced to become an ally to the power hungry Olympian gods, Rhea hangs on […]

Repost: LARP of the Nikolai series!

The Den of Debauchery’s Sub-annex reports: So, apparently there is to be a LARP set in the Nikolai’verse, now officially the Eight Thrones Cycle, at Fandom Fest. I have been tapped to play David Inman, despite the fact i look nothing like him…. Author Angelia Sparrow dressed as David Inman, ‘the Butcher of Cairo’ Dark […]

Dark Roast Press moving deeper into Smashwords

Lovers Daily Big News: The store got hacked AGAIN…. Look for us to migrate bit by bit entirely onto Smashwords. Meanwhile, if you promise a Goodreads review, you can get a FREE READ from Helga of The Incredible Heidi Wasabi paranomal MMF! Click to read Lovers Daily articles Fresh Dark Roast News daily. Recommend […]

Mundania Press, LLC new release!

Judy Bagshaw’s Opposite Attraction Curvaceous parapsychologist Serena McKay is less than amused when she is publicly trapped by her longtime nemesis, world famous ghost hunter Carter Shehan, into accepting a professional challenge–spend a weekend with him at the allegedly haunted Shelbourne Manor to prove once and for all which of their theories on the […]

Mundania Press, LLC new release!

Noah Chinn’s Trooper 4 It’s the end of the world – but not as we know it. A woman wakes up in a motel on the outskirts of a remote Oregon city with no memory who she is and a gun at her bedside. As she explores the world around her it seems that […]

Mundania Press, LLC new release

Skyla Dawn Cameron’s Exhumed Some people just won’t stay buried… Zara Lain, narcissistic vampire and assassin, cleaned up after a crazy warlock tried to build a vampire army, made some cash when the North American covens were left in shambles, got away when framed for the murder of a Demon Hunter, and dealt with […]

Mundania Press, LLC new release

Katee Robert’s Hunter of the Dead   Eighteen-year-old Eden Rosenberg knows how to kill and she’s damn good at it. Until recently, her life was pretty easy–get a call from her team’s mysterious employer, jet off to a new location, kill some zombies.   But the most recent call is different from the others. […]

Astraea Press Unveils New Book Club

Clean fiction publisher, Astraea Press, has launched an online book club. The Facebook groups aptly named Astraea Press Book Club is open to all readers and reviewers. Each month a different title randomly selected from the Astraea Press book store will be offered for free…yes FREE 🙂 to readers and reviewers alike. Their first title, […]

Oceanview Publishing congratulates A. Scott Pearson, author of Public Anatomy!

Public Anatomy by A. Scott Pearson was awarded the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award in the mystery/suspense category.     Synopsis While recovering from a career-threatening injury, surgeon Eli Branch is pulled into the turbulent world of Dr. Liza French, a colleague he hasn’t seen in ten years. Liza uses their past to lure Eli into […]

Mundania Press, LLC new release

Resa Nelson’s The Stone of Darkness In Book 3 of the Dragonslayer series, Astrid accepts her duty and follows the winter route–until she’s bitten by a dragon. Everyone knows dragon bites are poisonous and deadly, so she reluctantly accepts her impending death. In a twist of fate, she survives. Desperate for an explanation, Astrid […]

Astraea Press presents…..

Lost Indian Gold by Robert G. Rogers Title: Lost Indian Gold Author: Robert G. Rogers Genre: YA Mystery Released 5-3-2012 Length: 104 pages ISBN: 9781621350262 Blurb: Spud, an eleven year old, gets hopelessly lost in the swamp, but makes himself a camp and sets out to survive. While he’s surviving, he has a confrontation with a […]