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Since this is my first post here at Novelspot I thought I would start by telling everyone a bit about Black Velvet Seductions and my role with the company.

First of all, I’m Laurie Sanders the CEO and founder of Black Velvet Seductions. I also act as editor in chief and have my fingers in marketing and promotion. The chances are good that if you contact Black Velvet Seductions it is me you will talk to as I handle about 99% of the emails and about 99% of the phone calls we receive.

Black Velvet Seductions got its start back in the winter of 2005 when it made its way into my mind as a vague concept. I was nearing completion of my own erotic romance His Perfect Submissive at the time. In looking around at the publishers that were available then, I didn’t see a good match for the book I had written. I thought that Ellora’s Cave and Whiskey Creek Press were both close, but His Perfect Submissive didn’t follow all of the conventions that other erotic romances published by those companies followed.

For one thing, the heroine had a deeper backstory than most of the characters in books published by Ellora’s Cave and Whiskey Creek Press. Because of my character’s backstory it didn’t make sense that she would embrace dominance and submission with the same enthusiasm as her sisters at other erotic publishers and it didn’t fit that the sex scenes would begin within the first few pages and continue frequently thereafter as many of the erotic publishers expected.

What I’d really written was the kind of book I had wanted to read through many years of reading series romances. The book started out like many series romance books…with a forced marriage that the heroine wasn’t pleased about. But from there, it diverged from the books of the time, because the characters, at least the hero, was more sexually diverse than most heores in the traditional, series romances published at the time. My book included dominance and submission, BDSM, spanking, and similar subjects which series romance publishers weren’t touching at that time.

Though His Perfect Submissive was the reason I initially dreamt up the notion of launching Black Velvet Seductions, when we began accepting manuscripts and publishing books in December of 2005 the editing, promotion and other tasks took most of my time. Hence, His Perfect Submissive, though it was only a couple of chapters away from completion took a back seat to other tasks and other books for a long time. I am happy to announce that it will finally be published this February.

In December of 2005 we published our first book, Fool Me Once by Jessica Joy. Fool Me Once is a romantic suspense about a woman who awakes after a car accident with no memory, except for the disjointed images of a murder scene which haunt her.

Fool Me Once has been very well reviewed, but one of my favorite reviews for it says, “There are books out there that make me so glad I decided to schedule regular reading time into my work week. Jessica Joy’s Fool Me Once is one of those books!” The review is from Cheryl at The Book Connection Blog and it sums up exactly the feeling that we would like all our books to leave with our readers. Since the first book we’ve published a number of books in a number of different sub-genres. We are perhaps most well known for erotic romances like Toy’s Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy by Robert Cloud and Bound by Fate by Lee Rush but we also publish sensuous romances and sweet romances. Books like Ayn Amorelli’s Contract Bride and Sherry James’ Studs for Hire series are sensuous romances. They appeal to the same general readership that enjoys the spicier series romances. Like all Sensuous Journeys titles Contract Bride and the Studs for Hire series do not include BDSM, dominance and submission, or other fetish elements.

Black Velvet Seductions has recently published several new books to appeal to those who enjoy paranormal romance. The Crimson Z is a paranormal romance anthology which features the work of several Black Velvet Seductions authors. Unlike other anthologies the stories within the Crimson Z are all told within a larger story. The book features vampires, ghosts, fae, witches, and werewolves. Some of the stories are about finding love for the first time, others are about maintaining love in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

Larena at Red Roses for Author’s Blog ( said, “This book has all the elements of a great paranormal romance. You have your usual paranormal characters: vampires, shape-shifters, ghosts, and a dragon but you also have some that are different and unusual. I loved how the characters were brought to life and you feel like you are right there with them throughout the whole book. You also have Virginia who is a ghost that has a great sense of humor and a mischievousness that is a lot of fun and will have you laughing out loud at her antics. The story of Evelyn, Peter and James will bring tears to your eyes with its poignancy. It also has all the elements of a great story with murder, mayhem and magic. Each story is short which makes the book easy to read despite the length. One constant throughout the book, in each story is the love that each of the characters have for each other. Each story has a satisfying ending leading to a super climatic and unexpected ending. I would definitely recommend this book.”

We’ve also just released two great new paranormal romances. The Stir of Echo by Susan Gabriel is new, as is Temporally Yours by Richard Savage. The Stir of Echo is about an untrained clairaudient with a secret desire to be dominated, who is about to learn the truth behind the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

Temporally Yours is an erotic paranormal about a couple who find their love hampered by time. Patrick and Susan love each other, but their careers keep them at opposite ends of the globe, except for brief snatches of time when they can be together. That is until a chance trip to a mysterious shop and the cryptic words of an old jeweler promise a solution. But, will the gift the jeweler bestows solve their time woes…or will it only create more?

Black Velvet Seductions has something to offer most readers of romance, whether they enjoy sweet romance, sensuous romance, erotic romance, romantic suspense or paranormal romance.

Black Velvet Seductions also has a drawing and gives away free books and/or ebooks every Friday. It is very easy to enter the drawing. Simply visit the Black Velvet Seductions website at and sign up for our free readers newsletter. The winners are drawn from among newsletter subscribers and are announced weekly. Winners are also posted in the Winner’s Circle area at the Black Velvet Seductions website.

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