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Publishers: You can broadcast news of your releases on the Gazette

Just drop a line and let us know who you want to administer your input. Drop us a line! Let people know about your Trailers, Chats, Book Tours, When you are open or closed to submissions, etc. This is entirely self service but we will be glad to help, if you need it. Your editor […]

The Novelspot Holiday Scavenger Hunt is On!

The Novelspot Holiday Scavenger Hunt is On! How to play: 1. Check out the database on the Novelspotters Yahoo Group for a list of participating authors 2. Search their websites for the little critter graphic below and make a list of the page URLs where he’s hiding 3. Submit your list of URLs to me at bianca at before midnight on New Year’s […]

December 1, First Release….

Yes, our release date is December first. Take a look at our blogroll, and you’ll have an idea of some of the publishers who will be giving us their news every month! Exciting, isn’t it? Publishers who are interested, email allie @ to secure a place in the pantheon. Recommend on Facebook Share on […]

November 2007-Nov 2-Book Reviews

Sample Book Review Announcement. Text will wrap to graphics, so you can format accordingly. Nov 2 Bewitching Breckin by Isabella Jordan published by Amber Quill Press, LLC. reviewed by Sabine Containment by Lucinda Thorne published by Liquid Silver Books reviewed by Morgan Damaged by Jack Slutzky published by Infinity Publishing reviewed by Nancy Louise Finding […]

A Hotlink to Novelspot’s November chat calendar.

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Return of the Novelspot Gazette

Return of the Novelspot Gazette Once upon a time, Novelspot had a monthly gazette, wherein various publishers sent in monthly articles of their choice. Sometimes it was a call for submissions; sometimes it was news about stuff going on at their press; sometimes it was talk about new releases. Then we had a big problem: […]