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Colette’s Savage Stallion
by Deirdre O’Dare
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-448-8 (Electronic)
Fantasy / Shapeshifter / Action / Adventure / Historical / Exhibitionism / Public Places

Heat Level: 2

Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)
Description: New from Deirdre O’Dare, author of the best-sellers Armed And Amorous and Nellie’s Rogue Stallion…..
Colette D’Estaing has adored Gaston, the horse master’s eldest son, since they were both children.  Now grown and of marriageable age, she must wed Charles de Fayette, an aristocratic and influential, yet foppish and dissolute friend of her father’s.  When her fiancé assaults her in the stable intent on raping her, however, a sleek and savage stallion comes to her rescue and kills the lecherous marquis.  That’s when Colette learns that Gaston has inherited the ancient gift of shapeshifting into equine form.  Shocked and fearful, Colette urges Gaston to flee before he is accused of murder or witchcraft and put to death.  But first she must convince him to take her virginity in one magical night of love.


Dirty Love Magic Man

Dirty Love by Lacey Savage
(Science Fiction / Futuristic / Ménage [M/F/M] / Group Sex)
Magic Man by Caitlyn Willows
(Contemporary / The Arts / BDSM / Ménage [M/F/M] / Group Sex / Series)


A Themed Weekend of
“Coming Out”
Gay Erotic Romance

Featuring The Following Titles…

At Long LastAt Long Last

by Shawn Lane
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-449-5 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary

Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (21k words)

Description: New from Shawn Lane, author of the best-sellers Pulling Away and Sorcerer’s Lover……
When his best friend’s younger brother gets a job at their law firm, Preston Reynolds begins to feel the same overwhelming attraction he felt for Scott Trask years earlier.  But he couldn’t be sexually attracted to the young gay man. Preston isn’t gay.  Scott has been in love with Preston for years, but the man is straight, and he was married.  And now that Preston is divorced, that doesn’t mean he is any more available.  The more Preston tries to ignore his attraction, however, the more he thinks about it.  Finding himself alone at the office one night with Scott, he finally surrenders to his urges.  Afterward, Scott wants to talk about what happened, but Preston doesn’t want to analyze it, still certain he couldn’t prefer men.  When Preston suggests to the openly gay man that they keep things between them secret, however, the situation comes to a head.  Both men are forced to make difficult decisions, but will their choices tear them apart forever?

Some Place Only We KnowSome Place Only We Know

by Christiane France
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-450-1 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Extended Amber Kiss (16k words)
Description: New from Christiane France, author of the best-sellers The Gallery On Main Street and This Time For Keeps……
Adam Carstairs and Domenic Morton are both trapped in the closet.  Adam because he’s never found the courage to do more than wonder whether or not he’s gay, and Domenic because he fears being disowned by his family.  The pair meet at the local hospice where Adam is a volunteer, and Domenic is visiting his older brother who has been badly injured in an auto accident.  The day Domenic learns his brother is not likely to recover, he and Adam go for a walk on the Niagara Escarpment.  The weather closes in, and when they’re caught in a freak snowstorm, they shelter in an abandoned cottage where they take the opportunity to explore their feelings for one another.  When Adam awakens the following morning to find Domenic gone, however, and a note saying he needed to return to the hospice, Adam figures Domenic used his brother’s condition as an excuse to disappear.  Adam feels used and abused and hopes never to see Domenic again.  But when Domenic turns up at Adam’s bookstore and explains what happened, can the men pick up where they left off?

Those Who CherishThose Who Cherish

by Jamie Craig
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-451-8 (Electronic)
Gay / Historical / The Old West
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended
Novella (31k words)
Description: New from Jamie Craig, author of the best-sellers Nowhere Man and Stealing West……
Exiled to an abandoned presidio in southwestern Texas, Father Alonzo Vargas is accustomed to being utterly alone except for his white donkey, Angelica.  He is also fully acquainted with the corrupt and rotten sheriff, John Cullen, the man responsible for his semi-permanent exile.  When he finds a victim of the sheriff hanging upside down from a tree, he immediately cuts the man down and vows to nurse him back to health.  Ben McKinnon has never done anything to cross Sheriff Cullen–except defend the land he inherited from his father.  The land Cullen covets.  He’s surprised when the exiled priest makes it clear that he will not only be a nurse, but will also become Ben’s ally in the fight against Cullen.  He’s even more shocked when he realizes he doesn’t just want Father Alonzo as a friend.  Ben cherishes the other man’s mind, his body, and his heart.  But Father Alonzo is not a free man.  And if Sheriff Cullen has his way, they will both be dead men!

Through The Closet DoorThrough The Closet Door

by Rick R. Reed
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-452-5 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary

Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (11k words)

Description: New from Rick R. Reed, author of the best-sellers Fugue and VGA Male Seeks Same……

Gregory has all the pieces in place: youth, good looks, a beautiful wife, a job he loves as an elementary school teacher, a quiet house on the beach……So why is Gregory so miserable?  Why is he unable to control his lingering gaze on his neighbor, Jake, the handsome truck driver who lives just down the way from him?  Why does Gregory spend his private time keeping a secret journal that details fantasies and memories of him locked in embraces with other men?  It’s summer, and the peaceful lake belies the turmoil in Gregory’s heart.  His wife wants to start a family, while Gregory wants to start something with Jake, but doesn’t dare.  Rick R. Reed’s heartbreaking new story brings to painful life the consequences of coming out of the closet when you’re married and no one in the world but you knows the secrets you harbor.  Gregory’s mask is slipping, pulled down by the allure of a handsome neighbor and the demands of a desire that gets only louder the more he tries to quiet it.  Climbing out of the closet is never easy…but it’s even more difficult when doing so might shatter the lives of those around you!



Outage by J. M. Snyder
(Gay / Fantasy / Superheroes / Series)

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