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Going With The FlowThe Beckmeyer Wolves, Book I: Going With The Flow

by Isabella Jordan
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-366-5 (Electronic)
Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Suspense / Thriller / The Arts / Series
Heat Level: 2
Novella (19k words)

Description: New from Isabella Jordan, author of the best-sellers Sache’s Consort and Scar’s Conquest……
Contessa Thompson is a movie critic who’s too mean for the prime time anchor job.  That’s what her boss thinks anyway, so she heads to a bar in order to drown her sorrows over losing the job she desperately wanted.  She gets a lot more than she bargained for, however, at that one simple stop.  Michael Beckmeyer wants only to help the beautiful blonde get home safely when she has a too much to drink.  He doesn’t mean to go back to her apartment for a wild night of sex, although he also doesn’t regret that part.  He only regrets biting her during their act of passion.  Michael’s a werewolf, and that means Contessa will become the same on the next full moon unless something happens to him first.  And that’s a possibility.  A dangerous gang threatens the camp Michael manages for lost souls and those with nowhere else to go.  They’ve put his brother in a coma, and they’ll be coming back to finish the job on him.  If they succeed in killing Michael, Contessa will be free.  But does the beauty want to be free of him and the curse he passed on to her?  Or will she fight for the man her heart might just need?………..Find Out More!


by Sherrill Quinn
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-378-8 (Electronic)
Shapeshifter / Ménage (M/F/M) / Group Sex / Series

Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (14k words)

Description: New from Sherrill Quinn, author of the best-sellers Claiming Hannah and It Takes A Thief Or Two…..

Sequel to Amber Heat best-seller Dragonfire……The dragon clans are suffering from a higher than normal infant mortality rate and are in danger, not only of eventually becoming extinct, but in the here and now, they are losing numbers to the dragon hunters.  Nikolai Zelenka and Rainer Batsakis are sent by the leader of their dragon clan to find out what happened to a geneticist working on a cure.  They meet the scientist’s sister, Deirdre “Dee Dee” Adair, and immediately recognize her as their mate.  Dee Dee doesn’t need dragon DNA to know she’s wildly attracted to both men.  But first she has to understand–and accept–them for what they are.  And they must protect her against the dragon hunters who are after the genetic information she carries on a flash drive her brother sent to her.  Are two lusty shapeshifting dragons more than Dee Dee can handle?  Or will Nikolai and Rainer discover they have their hands full with her?………..Find Out More!

Song of the SeaShifting Tides: Song Of The Sea

by Cassandra Curtis
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-379-5 (Electronic)
Shapeshifter / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / BDSM (Light) / Action / Adventure / Mystery / Detective / Romantic Comedy
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (26k words)

Description: New from Cassandra Curtis, author of the best-sellers The Midnight Effect and Compulsion…..
Sequel to Amber Heat best-seller Shifting Tides: Beneath A Midnight Sea……When a mafia don’s bride-to-be goes missing, Peter Varien is hired to find her.  Varien, an ex-cop turned private eye, takes the job despite the warning bells going off in his head.  He manages to track down the missing woman to a nightclub in Memphis, where she’s belting out jazzy torch songs with the boys in the band.  She’s every man’s desire, with a body born of sin and a voice that enthralls, putting men under a sexual spell.  But it’s a spell under which Peter is determined not to fall.  Vivilyn Ondine is having the time of her life, given the power over human men through the control she wields as a sea siren.  She’s never fallen in love, never truly surrendered–until she meets the handsome private investigator.  Soon, Peter and Vivilyn are in a race against time, and must join forces to defeat a dangerous enemy who will stop at nothing, even murder, to capture Viv and force her to reveal the location of the magical pearl known as the Soul of The Sea………..Find Out More!


In The Heat Of The Knight Up And Coming Wild, Wild, Mother of the Bride

My Knightly Adventures, Book III:

In The Heat Of The Knight

by Mimi Riser

(Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Vampire / Shapeshifter / Fantasy / Witchcraft / BDSM / Ménage [M/M/F and M/F/M] / Group Sex / Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy / Action / Voyeurism / Series)
Up And Coming by Layla Chase
(Contemporary / Romantic Comedy)
Wild, Wild, Mother Of The Bride by Lacey Savage
(Contemporary / Western [Modern Day] / BDSM / Exhibitionism)


The Chap In ChapsThe Chap In Chaps
by Deirdre O’Dare
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-363-4 (Electronic)
Gay / Historical / The Old West / Action / Adventure / BDSM (Light) / Interracial / Multicultural

Heat Level: 3

Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)
Description: New from Deirdre O’Dare, author of the best-sellers Doggone Love and Muscle Car Man…..
In 1910, Charles Smythe inherits a ranch from his late uncle.  With some misgivings about leaving his life in England, he finally arrives in Arizona Territory only to meet one of his employees, an experienced hired hand named Sombra.  In Sombra, Charles finds not only the perfect man to teach him all he needs to know about ranching, but also the masterful lover he has always craved.  Can he build a real relationship this time, especially with a man so different?  As a youth, Sombra fled his New England home in disgrace when his first homosexual affair become public knowledge.  Upon arriving in Arizona, he found employment with Dabney Darwin, Charles’s uncle, and the kindly English expatriate fashioned him into the son he never had.  But when Dab’s nephew arrives to assume ownership of the property, Sombra is not sure how to take young Charles.  Yet he soon discovers that “taking Charles” is exactly what they both need…and desperately desire………..Find Out More!

Peanut Butter KissesPeanut Butter Kisses
by Pepper Espinoza
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-362-7 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary

Heat Level: 3

Length: Amber Kiss (10k words)
Description: New from Pepper Espinoza, author of the best-sellers My Only Home and (Just Like) Starting Over

Josh Boothe is one of the best pastry chefs in the nation, but he chooses to work as Peter Summers’ assistant, creating elaborate and beautiful pieces of art from sugar.  He knows Peter is the best, and he wants to do everything possible to ensure Peter earns the gold medal he deserves at the California Confectioners Pastry Competition.  Unfortunately, they’ve placed second three years in a row, and Josh fears Peter will find a new assistant.  But Peter has no interest in getting rid of Josh.  In fact, he wants to find a way to make their partnership permanent………..Find Out More!

Lotus Position
The Positions Of Love, Book X: Lotus Position
by J. M. Snyder
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-361-0 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Fantasy / Superheroes / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Amber Kiss (8k Words)
Description: New from J. M. Snyder, author of the best-sellers The Powers Of Love and Crushed……

The latest installment in the best-selling series……When Matt diLorenzo gives his lover, Vic Braunson, a copy of the Kama Sutra for Gay Men as a Christmas gift, they find it doubles as a handy reference guide to Vic’s super powers.  All they have to do is test out the positions to see which one gives him what ability…Matt thinks a vacation down the shore would be the perfect toast to the end of summer.   When Vic has a few days off from work, the two decide to visit Wildwood, New Jersey, a tourist town Matt used to frequent as a child.   Though Vic isn’t keen on crowds and would prefer to spend his downtime at home, Matt entices him with the offer of sex on the beach…and he doesn’t mean the drink, either.  A moonlit tryst on the sand, however, bestows Vic with another strange power.  On the boardwalk, his new ability attracts the attention of a young kid, whose delight at discovering a real-life superhero almost leads to disaster ………..Find Out More!


A Themed Weekend Of


Gay Erotic Romance
Featuring The Following Titles…

Addicted by Cassie Stevens

(Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Series)
Captivity by Adrianna Dane

(Gay / Fantasy / Futuristic / BDSM / Interracial / Multicultural)
Fugue by Rick R. Reed

(Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism)

Top Dog by Shara Bloodstone

(Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / The Arts / Interracial / Ménage [M/M/M] / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism)

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