Wild and Dangerous, and On Sale for $1.50!

paybackRose Middleton,

Women love a bad boy! Tall, dark, and dangerous, with a cool glint in his eye and an uncontrollable edge — the Romantic Rogue reminds us why we love men in the first place. They’re daring. They’re governed by a personal moral (or immoral!) code. And they’re very, very sexy.

For fifteen years, Red Sage fans have savored stories about rule-breaking men and the women who tame them. What could be better than a charming devil? Try a charming devil who’s also a jewel thief! Described by one reviewer as “a fast ride on the not-so-legal side,” Payback continues the tradition of sexy, dangerous, and deliciously wicked Red Sage Rogues.

On sale until June 10 for just $1.50!

Red Sage. Read Dangerously.

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