Whiskey Creek Press has some changes for you!

Maybe you’ve heard some of the controversy recently about Whiskey Creek Press. Maybe you haven’t. Regardless, the owners of Whiskey Creek Press have taken all comments into consideration and have made some HUGE changes that will start January of 2008 – that’s TOMORROW! Wow, how time flies.

One of the things changing is the way we handle print copies of our books. As primarily an ebook publisher, it was questionable whether the company would make any money at all in print, but our authors asked us a while ago to have an option of print. Watching other ebook pubs go out of business by putting their work into print made the owners wary, but they wanted to do something for their loyal authors, so offered a print option in the contract.

Whiskey Creek Press will now be paying the printing fee for the author, should they choose to go print. The stipulations on eligibility to go to print are in the contract. So authors, if you were wary of this printing set up fee before, it’s gone! Check out our submissions pages (Torrid and General) to see what we’re looking for. Maybe YOUR next manuscript is just the thing for us!

We are also now offering two more ebook formats! Starting this month, we’re offering, in addition to the HTML and PDF formats, LIT and MOBI formats! We’re slowly working on our backlist to offer those formats for ALL WCP books, but it’ll take a while to convert them all! We’ll be available on Amazon’s Kindle, too, so if you’re trying out the new Kindle, check out Whiskey Creek Press books while you’re shopping! They should be available soon.

Whiskey Creek will also be celebrating its 5th birthday this March! 5 years in the epublishing industry is a huge accomplishment, and we plan to party until we drop the whole month of March! So keep a lookout for online scavenger hunts, review site chats, and join our reader loops (General Line loop and Torrid Readers Loop) for all the fun!

Have a happy and safe New Year from everyone here at Whiskey Creek Press!



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