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sex-and-the-single-pearlMia Varano,
Sex and the Single Pearl

If one man is good, then two must be better. With the rise of erotic romance over the last fifteen years, readers are becoming bolder and more willing to explore scenarios that would have been unimagineable when Red Sage first opened for business. The menage a trois story is just such a scenario.

But not all menages are made alike. Red Sage fans might love to push boundaries, but they still want a powerful, emotional romance underlying the wild sex. And they’ve got it in “Sex and the Single Pearl.” Just as the pearl pendant combines beauty with decadent wish fulfillment, Mia Varano’s stories will always blend heart-pounding menage with heart-satisfying romance. You really can have it both ways!

On sale until June 10 for just $1.50!

Red Sage. Read Dangerously.

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