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Ex Equals
by L. A. Witt
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-176-1 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (39k words)
New Release 35% Discount (One Week Only)

Description: New from L. A. Witt, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Getting Off The Ground and Static…..

On the first day of his new career as a community college math teacher, Chris Reuben gets an unexpected–and most unwelcome–blast from the past: one of his students is his former navy shipmate…and ex-boyfriend. Justin Hayes isn’t after a second chance when he signs up for an algebra class taught by his ex. All he wants besides a passing grade is a chance to make amends with the man he loved and hurt while they were deployed together three years ago. Pain, guilt, and bitterness aren’t the only lingering feelings, though, and even if three years is enough to melt the ice between them, they’ve already risked their careers for each other once. Can Justin convince Chris that what they once had is worth putting careers and hearts on the line again? ……….Find Out More!

Tales Of The Midnight Pearl Brotherhood: Trailmaster Phelix
by Adrianna Dane
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-177-8 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Erotica / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / Series
Heat Level: 2
Length: Amber Kiss (7k words)
New Release 35% Discount (One Week Only)

Description: New from Adrianna Dane, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Forget Me Not and Hidden Impact…..

The sequel to Tales Of The Midnight Pearl Brotherhood: Camaraderie……The ancient myths of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl tell of an island formed from the depths of the ocean, in the midst of a sea of mystical, sapphire beauty. It is an island paradise built on love and devotion to a common belief, a society made up entirely of handsome and desirable men. And Alonzo Smith is on a journey to discover his place among them. The initiates are set to be tested. After a span of relatively unregulated sexual play on the beach, the real challenges begin. Trailmaster Phelix arrives, along with his apprentice, Abel, to guide these lusty young men with their raging libidos through the dangerous jungles on Mannos. Alonzo, David, Helmer, Krispin, and Parker prepare themselves for new discoveries, yet adventures in the jungle may not be quite what they expect. Master Phelix has his eye on Alonzo, and this new leg of the journey may be even more challenging than Alonzo can imagine as Master Phelix forces more of Alonzo’s dark past into the light. Past blends into present as Alonzo turns himself to serving the demands of Master Phelix………..Find Out More!

Under A Rock
by India Harper
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-175-4 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Action / Adventure
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (30k words)
New Release 35% Discount (One Week Only)

Description: New from India Harper, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers Bloody Queens and Sins Of Influence…..

When his father crossed a powerful Mexican drug cartel, Keith Lewis lost everything–his identity, his way of life, and the freedom to live in the open. With a new name, Keith is now in witness protection, and his handler has brought him to the last place on Earth anyone would ever look for him: a cattle ranch in Montana. What Keith didn’t expect to find there was a handsome, tempting former Navy SEAL. Tanner Bruenig retired to the Montana countryside to try his hand at ranching and savor the peace of hard work and few neighbors. When you’re former military and your cousin’s in the Marshals Service, however, it’s easy enough to get roped into providing a safe haven once in a while. Keith isn’t the first witness to shelter in Tanner’s house or to join him in his bed. But he may be the first one Tanner wants to keep there…………..Find Out More!


by Rowan Speedwell
(Gay / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic)

An Enigma
by Stevie Woods
(Gay / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Action / Adventure / Series)

The House Of Driscoll, Book II: Precious Blood
by A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly
(Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Paranormal / Ménage [M/M/M] / Group Sex / Series)

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