the best of chim+him+her

the best of him+chim+her --- just like it says on the tin. This is a stunning collection of gruesome collabs. Chim+Her and Chim+Him were two separate titles originally published through Cyber Pulp Press of Houston. They showed how much fun one can have in collaboration with another writer of either sex. The Best Of Him+Chim+Her is a unisex reappraisal and layout of those two stunning (seminal) books; the very best collaborations from each book.Mike Philbin created fourteen years worth of writing as Hertzan Chimera. It was in many ways a very exciting time of total creativity without boundaries.

Mike never censored his literary content and, when it came to collaborating with other writers, the creative flood gates opened. No subject was taboo – these insane works dealt with abortion, cancer, rape, kidnap, child abuse, pornography, murder, illness, abandonment, dreams, nightmares, loneliness, discovery, hatred, secrets, love. Mike created collaborative pieces with many other writers both male and female.

The aim of the original Chim+Her and Chim+Him books was that they contained totally collaborative short stories – one writer would write 200 words or so then pass it to their collaborator who would add 200 words and pass it back and forth like this until the story was done. The benefit of this sort of shared creativity is you can never tell where the narrative might lead or how evil your collaborator might be in setting your character up for a fall or putting your character in an unassailable position – the classic see you next wednesday cliff hanger that both parties have to writer their way out of.

Hertzan Chimera in collaboration with some of today’s most stunning non-mainstream writers.

Destiny West
Queenie Tirone
Dawn Andrews
Brutal Dreamer
Charlee Jacob
Amy Grech
Christina Sng
Alex Severin
Simon Logan
Mark Mclaughlin
Vincent Sakowski
Greg Wharton
John Edward Lawson
D.F. Lewis
M.F. Korn

The Best of Him+Chim+Her
collaborative paperback collection
from Chimericana Books


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