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the best of chim+him+her

Stuck in this fucking arcade, stuck in this fucking booth ejaculating coins to the joystick junkies that press their pixel-wasted faces against the window glass. I can see their papillae glowing white with viral infections.

Tongue, muscular organ in the mouth, the primary organ of taste and important in the formation of speech and in the chewing and swallowing of food. Covered by a mucous membrane, extends from the hyoid bone at the back of the mouth upwards and forwards to the lips. Voodoo Bitch, Nigerian-black and with coloured strands tied through her hair, stands in front of me, hand outstretched. I dump coins into her jittery palms and she flashes her gold teeth at me.

All around, the decadent buzz of electronica; the snarl of menacing drum and bass from the decks of the DJ in one corner; the chatter of teen punks in the other; beeps and whistles from the games cabinets and the cheers and jeers of the crowds. Seems like the whole city is here sometimes, packed into this grungy pit and me in the centre of it. Coiled neon lighting engulfs the walls, firing radioactive photons onto the tag art and revolutionary messages. The punk girl in front of him looked like the sort of girl to suck cock on a first date.

Insects’ mouths are different from ours. They are specialized for different types of feeding. Some are good at chewing. Some have developed parts to pierce the skin of animals or plants. Other parts may be suited for sucking or siphoning fluids after the skin has been pierced.

That’s the thought he downloaded from some sleazy server out of town to impress the girl. He really didn’t care if the information meant anything to him or had any relevance to the chick in front of him. He saw the hive of words leave his mouth like a million buzzing wasps in social attack formation. She recoiled from the legend and looked him up and down. In his mind Carcase, let’s call him that – it was a name he liked to use in these dingy places, strip-searched the girl for psycho-semantic contraband and left her with a smear of vas’ on every gaping puckered reddened orifice. …