Sneak Peek — AQP in July


Once again we have listened to your suggestions and requests on our Customer Survey, and we thank you for your invaluable feedback. Therefore, beginning In July 2008, we will now be offering even more books for your reading pleasure!  Most weeks will now feature a brand new AmberPax Collection (the releases alternating between our Amber Heat and Amber Allure websites…2 Paxes for each imprint, each month! *** ).  In addition, both of these imprints will have single titles available nearly every week as well, including the various series that are currently running and the ones being planned for the future……so when a new AmberPax Collection is placed on sale at the Amber Heat website, at least one new single title release–and potentially more–will likely be released from the Amber Allure website, and vice versa!  That equals at least 5 new titles each and every week ***, starting in July 2008!!!
*** Important: This is what we are striving to achieve throughout the rest of 2008 and far into the future. But also please note, although we will be basically doubling our output each month based on your requests, there will be some months where exceptions are made (particularily those months just before or after major holidays).
So once again, the owners and staff wish to thank you for your vital input regarding what you desired to see at Amber Quill Press and its Amber Heat and Amber Allure imprints!

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