Passion and Magic for Only $1.50 until June 10!

kitsuneLila Dubois,

There’s a special kind of magic in being swept away by passion. Time hangs suspended as every nerve ending, every pulse of our hearts, every indrawn breath becomes supercharged with erotic and emotional nuance. For fifteen years, Red Sage has been recreating that magic between the covers of its books.

But there’s a second kind of magic in Kitsune. As paranormal romance stormed the reading scene, Kitsune delivered a magical, mythical heroine. She’s part fox and part immortal, and she alone can help the hero cope with his own dual identity. And her power to fill suitcases with designer clothes just with the wave of her magical hand? That’s a happy bonus.

On sale until June 10 for just $1.50!

Red Sage. Read Dangerously.

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