New Space SF adventure

For a limited time, Kenneth Ingle’s The Queen’s Best, a space adventure, is available for only $1.00. A young marine lieutenant out for a walk on the wild side of town comes across an abduction is progress… and ends up rescuing the planet’s princess. What he finds is that being a hero comes with its own responsibilities and plenty of danger.

Regular price is $3.99. Available in multiple eBook formats.queens-best-thumb

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Chimericana Books – rights returned deals secured – redesigned relaunch titles announced.

For the last decade or so, Chimericana Books has been a repository for all ‘rights returned titles’ that I, Mike Philbin, have written in collaboration with various writers or under various pseudonyms, Michael Paul Peter, Hertzan Chimera and my role as editor of the Chimeraworld anthology (which made it so its sixth annual issue).

I’ve recently re-secured the rights to all my paperback-published novels from 2008 to the present day. As soon as the final-edit is completed on CUSTODIAN (free planet¹), I’ll be publishing it through the brand new Chimericana Books (using a different service provider for the digital and hard copies) and re-issuing the following titles under spanking new covers for a new digital and paperback readership. In the first instance, it’ll be the following five titles with all the other Chimericana Books titles making the transition to the new provider in the coming weeks.

Here is the relaunch list and covers:

CUSTODIAN (free planet¹)
(82,000 words)
Whether you’re aware of this or not, there’s a Corporate War going on. A Grand Chess Game against You The People ensures that you remain slaves to the system. An elite group of Oxford’s finest students have set themselves up as The Custodians to try to help You The People realise that (with the technological opportunities open to man) you should all be living on a Free Planet by now. But it’s never that simple when you’re trying to turn the NEED TO KNOW world on its head.

Further novels in the FREE PLANET SERIES are to be free planet² LIBERATOR and free planet³ REAPER.

(77,000 words)
There’s a mass murderer in the sleepy seaside town of Yôroppa who is listening to all the local gossip and using it to select his next victim. Only by keeping quiet can the inhabitants of the town hope to save themselves. Everyone is a suspect but, boy, can they gossip.

(42,000 words)
“Clarke” arrives in the coastal town of Tiamoros at the suggestion of his boss who has a holiday home there. All is not well with Clarke but Tiamoros itself hides weirder things. One of them is Fuentes.

(45,000 words)
Bukkakeworld is the conscious evolution of the staid three-act narrative horror genre. It’s a book about YOU, the corporate lackey, the indentured, the subordinate. Stuck in a job you cannot stomach, under a manager you want to annihilate, in a corporation that wants to grind you into nothing more than human grease to lubricate its inhuman profit-making machine. You are not alone.

(45,000 words)
The world is coming to an end, and the angels don’t give a damn. Oxford, England: Marcus (who works part-time at the falafel kiosk in town) awakens to find a giant black and white bird at his window. He’s sure that’s what he sees: a giant bird with feathers that throb with sinister portent. He shakes himself awake and gets ready for work, unaware that his world no longer exists.

The full list of publications is available through Amazon’s Mike Philbin profile page.

No Frills Buffalo Rocks Out


Title: No Stoppin’ This Boppin’: Let the Good Times Roll

Authors: Bob and Terri Skurzewski

Genre: Non-Fiction, Music

Retail Price: $19.95

Available:, B&,

The rock and roll era was the teenagers’ “Perfect Storm.” It settled hard and fast in Buffalo with underlying currents of music, but in 1957 when  WBNY-AM transitioned to the Top 40 music format, everything fell into place.

No Stoppin’ This Boppin’ is a retrospect of Buffalo from 1950 through 1964 – when AM radio was KING! Buffalo had many great DJ personalities and each interviewed took us behind the scenes and showed how the broadcast industry worked, and how they entertained with their on-air antics.

Readers will be delighted by references to hit-making groups, singers, songwriters and musicians of the era, who talk about how it happened and how they enjoyed the ride. It was a glorious time in post-war America when everybody was under the spell of doo wops, DJs and favorite radio stations.

No Stoppin’ This Boppin’ on Amazon

No Frills Buffalo/Amelia Press

No Frills Buffalo Goes Deathless

New From No Frills Buffalo

Title: Of Darkness and Deathless

Author: Timothy Monahan

Retail Price: $12.95 (Paperback)

$6.99 (Kindle and Nook)

Genre: Fantasy/Mystery

Dr. Samuel Fox never loved his son, 14-year old Preston Scott. At least, that is what Preston believes as he attends his father’s wake in September 1939. The teenager has spent his entire life living in his father’s shadow, desperately seeking the answer to his mother’s mysterious disappearance, but now that his father lies in a coffin, Preston is convinced that his quest for the truth will be buried along with his pain and sorrow… or will it? In an unexpected turn of events, Preston’s search is given new life, and he edges closer to the truth. He uncovers a sinister plan that will turn his entire world upside down. He learns that his mother’s story will change the course of history forever, and that death is never… ever… the end.


Of Darkness and Deathless on

No Frills Buffalo/Amelia Press



Mundania Press, LLC holiday sale!

To officially celebrate Mundania Press, LLC 10th year anniversay, Mundania Press, LLC, Phaze Books, Awe-Struck Publishing and Hard Shell Word Factory are running a sale starting today through the end of the year.

On the Mundania Press, LLC website at and on the Phaze Books website at, enter the coupon code holiday to get 25% off you entire order, ebooks or print.
Happy holidays, and happy shopping!
Phaze Books
Mundania Press, LLC

No Frills Buffalo Presents Legend of Phoenix: Rise of Crescent

Title: Legend of the Phoenix: Rise of Crescent

Author: Gabriel Gonzalez

Price: $14.95 (Super Cheap)

Publisher: No Frills Buffalo Genre: Epic Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0615588476

Available in Paperback, Kindle and Nook

5 Stars on

5 Stars on B&

In a world of grand cities, magnificent castles, and powerful Races lies a legend that the world has long forgotten. A legend that through time, has faded. The story of the once all powerful Phoenix Clan and their battles against the menacing Beasts, is now a mythical story, often told to children as a bedtime story. The young children of the world of Pardes can be seen playing in the streets of their towns pretending to be the Phoenix Clan fighting the evil Beasts. The legend of the Phoenix has been long forgotten. Young, adventurous, and a bit careless, Shadow Guidan is one of Tarver’s finest young messengers. He is the son of the King’s favorite General, Magus Guidan. When Shadow is asked to take upon a new duty involving the protection of Princess Emerald, he realizes that this may be his chance to leave behind the boring job as a messenger, and take a part in something important in the Kingdom. Excited and nervous, he welcomes his new duty with great joy. After meeting Princess Emerald and her two Luna trainers, Sage and Katrina, Shadow realizes that a life of excitement is much more than he bargained for. The Aakesh Race is after him for a reason he cannot seem to find out, his father has disappeared, and he can’t seem to get rid of the same reoccurring nightmare that possibly leads to his death. To make matters worse, each day he spends with Emerald he finds himself falling for her. Their journey together will lead them to uncover the lies and deceit hidden behind the Kingdom of Gaia. An ancient evil power is set to be released, and the only way to stop it, is to uncover a secret that has been hidden from the world for over a thousand years.

Legend of the Phoenix on Amazon

No Frills Buffalo/Amelia Press, A Publisher Like No Other

helgaleena says: Dark Roast Press MM spotlight 2012!


helgaleena says: Dark Roast Press MM spotlight 2012!.

‘Dark Roast Press is an ePublisher with not only a GLBT focus but also with a thirst for the dark side of life. No, we will not abandon the “mainstream” road that the Erotica world has laid before us, but we have created a home for
the kinks of life we like to keep secret.’
So it is no surprise that fully half of our Erotic Romance titles are
either MM or have MM content. We were an MM publisher before it was
hip, and you will love our flavor.


Mundania Press, LLC new releases!

Julie Schriver’s Love by Proxy

Gwen Landon’s ability to see and converse with souls that have passed from this life has brought her nothing but pain, fear, and sorrow. She has left her scarred childhood behind and made a new life for herself in beautiful Colorado.

Working as an artist with her own small shop in a small town, she lives in an old farmhouse in the country with no neighbors and just an old soul named Rose to keep her company. Rose is a saloon girl from the 1800s tragically killed by a stray bullet meant for someone else.

She is finally happy, but her idyllic life is threatened when Evan Thorpe, a residential developer, barges his way into her little bubble of peace. He wants to build a huge subdivision that will draw hundreds of people to the land directly behind her home, and more people means more spirits she will have to avoid.

She has to find a way to stop him from placing those cookie cutter houses onto the unblemished land, otherwise her world is going to be turned upside down.

Robert Adams’ Revenge of the Horseclans

The rebel army is marching to war, bent on destroying Thoheeks Bili, his kinsmen, and the power of Morguhn…

Call to Arms

Bili of Morguhn has been summoned home to claim his inheritance after years of soldiering in the Middle Kingdoms. But the Ehleen nobility and the priests of the Old Religion are planting the seeds of rebellion, swearing to wrest back from Bili and his fellow Horseclansmen the lands and wealth which once were theirs. And the stench of war rises once again over the land…

But what Bili does not know is that both his troops and those of his enemy are pawns in a larger game, a deadly game of bloody intrigue; and the stakes are as big as the survival of the Confederation – and the Horseclans themselves…

Book 3 of the Horseclans series

Mundania Press, LLC

Extraordinary books by talented authors

No Frills Buffalo Presents Flashes and Specks

Math, Madness and The End of the World.

Title: Flashes and Specks

Author: Mark Pogodzinski

Genre: Fiction

Price: $12.95

Availability:, Kindle, B&, Nook, No Frills Buffalo

Beneath the surface,  under all the real things in the world is the mystery of it all.
And when one little thread is pulled it can come apart. Henry Kent, father, teacher,
husband, son, and superhero is starting to feel the strain of the world. His son, Arthur is
building a city in the basement out of milk cartons and pictures of strangers. Henry’s
wife has come back come with a message from The Pastor: God is unhappy. Henry’s
father is dying. Henry’s students are being tortured, but only the bullies. Henry’s
colleague has figured out the date of the end of the world using a complex formula that
involves the length of 1974 Corvette. And Henry remains in the center, desperately
trying to hold it all together.
Fast paced and unlike anything you have ever read, Flashes and Specks is an engaging,
fascinating look at the tenuous nature of faith, love and everyday life.

Advanced Praise for Flashes and Specks:

“This book will lure the reader into the psyche of a man who craves for a hero to fix
things and make the villains go away. On the surface Henry seemingly lives a normal
ordinary life, but underneath it’s really full of complex relationships and circumstances
that are out of his control. The book is a fast read and I recommend it to anyone who
want to read a present day story that shows how life can get in the way of real life.”
– Michele Tater, Review the Book

“Flashes and Specks is a novel unlike any other I have ever read. This book is about
much bigger issues than the people who create or participate in them. It is about school
bullies, religious cults, relationships, death, the end of the world – all the things that tend
to keep us up at night. All I can say is that “Flashes and Specks” made me think, and
made me want to read it again.”
– April Sullivan, Reader Views
“Flashes and Specks by Mark Pogodzinski is a mesmerizing, unforgettable, and totally
unique novel which is written in thirty-five episodes, each one ending in an unresolved
tease. The aforementioned adjectives also describe the characters whose dark sides
slowly erode any illusions of sanity in their lives. I highly recommend this book as one
that challenges the mind; it is also a fascinating read. ”
– Bettie Corbin Tucker, IP Book Reviews

“Endlessly entertaining and intriguing. Unique and very highly recommended.”
– Micah Andrews, Mid-West Book Review

“The storyline moves at a fast pace and the subjects and issues that Pogodzinski touches
on are truly thought-provoking. The layout of the novel is original making for an
interesting read. Flashes and Specks is a complex story which is philosophical and
entertaining in nature.”
– Kam Aures, Rebecca’s Reads

“I was not initially expecting to like this book but by the time I’d finished it, I was
converted enough to consider it a ‘must read’. Flashes And Specks is just the right length
for what it is but at the same time, it leaves you wanting more. Insightful, mind-bending
and at times challenging to the point of being slightly depressing, Flashes and Specks
will make you consider your own feelings on life’s challenges. Surprisingly
– Toni Watkins, Fiction-Net

“Complex! Unusual! Original! Maybe even lunatic!
This novel makes one suspend belief. It also holds the reader hostage: emotionally,
psychologically and philosophically. Phew!
This novel will satisfy their thirst for questions and answers, and make them want to
ponder even more! Highly Recommended.”
– Cecilia Lee, AllBooks Review

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Mundania Press, LLC new release!

Seleste deLaney’s Kiss of Death
Too many years of killer vamps have triggered the curse of the Blood Kissed. They’ve awakened the bloodline that can alter their world, because her blood has the power to control them all–even make them destroy each other.
Jocelyn thought her troubles with vampires were over when she drove a stake through her boyfriend Max’s heart one year ago. Even though she’s engaged to Chad, she’s never really forgotten him.
Now Max is back, and Chad is taking her into the heart of the vamp community–and they’re the ones trying to keep her alive. The ones who love her and each seek to claim her for their own. Because once the elders know who she is, they’re all going to want her…or want her dead.
Mundania Press, LLC Extraordinary books by talented authors
Seleste deLaney’s Kiss of Death

Too many years of killer vamps have triggered the curse of the Blood Kissed. They’ve awakened the bloodline that can alter their world, because her blood has the power to control them all–even make them destroy each other.
Jocelyn thought her troubles with vampires were over when she drove a stake through her boyfriend Max’s heart one year ago. Even though she’s engaged to Chad, she’s never really forgotten him.
Now Max is back, and Chad is taking her into the heart of the vamp community–and they’re the ones trying to keep her alive. The ones who love her and each seek to claim her for their own. Because once the elders know who she is, they’re all going to want her…or want her dead.
Mundania Press, LLC
 Extraordinary books by talented authors

Mundania Press, LLC new releases!

Robert Adams’ Swords of the Horseclans

The blood-soaked blade of war.

For seven hundred years, the Undying High Lord Milo has been building his Confederation, leading the Horseclans slowly across the lands once known as the United States, absorbing city-states and nomadic tribes alike, some by peaceful means, some by the sword.

But now his enemies have banded together into an army far larger than Milo can muster. Led by an ancient and evil intelligence, this wave of unstoppable destruction is thundering swiftly down upon the Confederation forces.
And Milo has no choice but to call upon all his allies, from the smallest troop of mountain warriors to the notorious pirate ships of the Lord of the Sea Isles, in a final desperate attempt to save the Confederation from seemingly certain doom…

Book 2 of the Horseclans series

D.A. Lascelles’ Transitions

Transitions takes us on a journey through time. In modern day Birmingham , a group of university students become embroiled in a love story almost 2,000 years old as the ghost of Gaius Lucius, a Roman officer tries to reclaim his lost love.
What can Helen, a driven and ambitious student with high hopes for the future, do to solve this ancient riddle? And why is Brandon making late night visits to her house with tokens of love?

Mundania Press, LLC

Extraordinary books by talented authors

New From No Frills Buffalo: THE PLAZA

New From No Frills Buffalo

   Title: The Plaza

Author: Guillermo Paxton

Genre: Crime Fiction

Retail Price: $15.95

Also available for Kindle and Nook

Praise for THE PLAZA

“It is an unforgettable novel that you won’t put down.” -R. Hastings

“THE PLAZA is a brilliant piece of work.” -Chris Mendius

“Hard hitting and intense.”

“Images that will stay with you long after the page is turned.”

“An engaging read that will undoubtedly awaken readers to the horrors of the drug war.” -Kirkus Book Reviews

Saul Saavedra is a crime reporter for the Juarez Daily newspaper. In just a year’s time he saw his city change from decent place to live and work to a crime-infested inferno. He reports the happenings in a city that is experiencing total social decay and writes against the government that at best does nothing about it. Two major drug cartels battle it out in Juarez and Saul soon finds himself in the crossfire between La Linea and the Sinaloa Cartel.

Guns for hire are a dime a dozen in a war among cartels, but Felipe stands out as one of the best. His only love is for money, or so he believes, until he meets a beautiful young prostitute named Ruby. As he rises in the ranks of La Linea his relationship with Ruby changes as well, and soon he learns that she too has a taste for blood.

The Plaza on Amazon

No Frills Buffalo/Amelia Press, A Publisher Like No Other.  Visit For More Information


Mundania Press, LLC new release!


Marilyn Meredith’s Raging Water: A Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series

A rash of burglaries and the murder of two women shock the mountain community of Bear Creek. Add a fast-moving thunderstorm that brings torrential rains and Tempe Crabtree, the resident deputy sheriff, can forget about her days off.

Who would murder two harmless women? Did a drug addict simply want their medications or did they share a secret someone was willing to kill for?

When a massive mud slide blocks the road into town, temporary shelters are set up, residents high above the river open their homes to friends and neighbors, tensions rise and tempers flare.

Tempe survives two attempts on her life before coming face to face with an unrepentant murderer and a vicious burglar, both of whom share a scandalous secret.

This latest entry in Marilyn Meredith’s long-running Tempe Crabtree series will keep you glued to your seat and turning pages right up to the end.

Mundania Press, LLC

Extraordinary books by talented authors

The Curse of King Ramesses II by Victoria Roder

The Curse of King Ramesses II by Victoria Roder

The Curse of King Ramesses II

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Author: Victoria Roder
Genre: YA/Paranormal/Action Adventure/ Mystery
Book Length: Short Story
Word Count: 16,121
Pages: 57
Price: $2.99
Formats: PDF, HTML, ePub, Mobi, Lit, PRC

One fateful night, Mia and her best friend Jody stow away in the Bradford Museum to investigate the mysterious mummy exhibit from the Cairo Museum. Rumors of the Curse of King Ramesses II have surfaced. It’s believed that due to the king’s tyranny the Egyptian people vowed to rise up against him. In revenge, Ramesses II vowed he would never rest until all of the perpetrators against him and their ancestors were brought to justice.

Now, spend the night in the dark, deserted museum. Experience the roar of the dinosaurs, the cold blast of the arctic, and always run past the wall of skulls. Be prepared for a night of heart-racing action as the girls dare to solve the ancient Egyptian curse of King Ramesses II. Will Mia and Jody survive the investigation or will the mummified king’s revenge be fulfilled?

Read excerpt.

Lady Thief by Shelby Hailston

Lady Thief by Shelby Hailstone, an action/adventure ebook of espionage

Lady Thief

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Author: Shelby Hailstone
Genre: Action/Adventure/Light Romance
Book Length: Novel
Word Count: 88,812
Pages: 275
Price: $5.99
Formats: PDF, HTML, ePub, Mobi, Lit, PRC

The Lady Thief is the most famous criminal of her time, but ever since her brush with a spy named Devon, sappy love stories have replaced her previously imperious image. So when Devon and his team embark on a secret project designed to create the ultimate superhuman agent, the Lady Thief quickly discovers that infiltrating his team is more complicated than she ever imagined. Between her anger toward him for ruining her reputation and his growing affection for her cover identity, she is drowning in emotions she has never dealt with before. But when evidence points to a rival criminal messing with the team, can the Lady Thief walk away with a clear conscience, or will she risk everything to help the very people sworn to bring her in?

Genre: Action/Adventure/Light Romance
Book Length: Novel
Word Count: 88,812
Pages: 275
Price: $5.99
Formats: PDF, HTML, ePub, Mobi, Lit, PRC

Read excerpt.

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The Remsky Portrait by Richard Uhlig, Sr.

The Remsky Portrait by Richard A. Uhlig, Sr., mystery, suspense

The Remsky Portrait

Author: Richard A. Uhlig, Sr.
Genre: Action Adventure/ Mystery
Book Length: Novel
Word Count: 69,663
Pages: 271
Price: $4.99
Formats: PDF, HTML, ePub, Mobi, Lit, PRC

Pete Barnes a successful art thief with a knack for forging masterpieces gives up the life of crime to paint his own masterpieces. Settling in Switzerland, Pete falls in love with the beautiful Carly Sims, who eerily reminds him of his first love Jenny who died unexpectedly of meningitis.

Pete is thrust back into the world of crime when Carly is kidnapped. To get Carly back, Pete must steal the Remsky Portrait, a hi-tech work of art, from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The planned exchange of Carly for the portrait goes awry when the Russian Mafia interferes, and Pete and Carly find themselves on the run from the kidnappers and the Russians.

The stakes elevate considerably when an unknown entity marks Pete and Carly for assassination. Surviving several close encounters while chased across two continents, Pete discovers that Carly is not who he thought she was, that love is not easy and that the Remsky Portrait is anything but a work of art.

Read excerpt.

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Lucky’s Charm by Jenn Nixon

Lucky's Charm by Jenn Nixon

Lucky’s Charm

Author: Jenn Nixon
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Book Length: Plus Novel
Word Count: 100,008
Pages: 340
Price: $5.99
Formats: PDF, HTML, ePub, Mobi, PRC

To protect her family and find a killer, Felicia “Lucky” Fascino assumed her adoptive father’s identity and joined the network of moral assassins to finish the job he began. Eliminating the man responsible for murdering her mother has consumed her for the last five years. Completing the job is the only way Lucky and her family can return to a safe and normal life. Lucky’s uncle, Stephen Chambers, hasn’t come close to tracking the killer. He announces he’s stepping down as her handler to concentrate on the investigation and names Elizabeth, his daughter, as successor.

Keeping secrets is a family trait, and Elizabeth’s addition to the business tests Lucky’s ability to maintain the pretense that the job doesn’t affect her despite the fact that all network hits are hardened criminals. While keeping her family at arm’s length, Lucky begins to feel the weight of her career choice and reclusive lifestyle. Then a chance encounter with an enigmatic hit man during one of her jobs turns into a provocative and dangerous affair. Distracted by the secret trysts with Kenji Zinn and mounting tension within her family, Lucky starts to make mistakes that threaten her livelihood and almost claim her life. When her family is targeted, Lucky must make several rash decisions she believes can save them and preserve her own sanity.

Read excerpt.

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How to Become a Lady Adventurer by Deborah Castellano

How to Become a Lady Adventurer by Deborah Castellano

How to Become a Lady Adventurer

Author: Deborah Castellano
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Steampunk
Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Micro
Word Count: 5,872
Pages: 21
Price: $1.25

It’s hours before Luna’s wedding to a man who holds less interest to her than the kitchen in his inn. His kisses (the few that propriety would allow) were less electric than the newest alchemical ovens. Still, she chose him so she could secure a good life for her sisters. She had few choices as a baker’s daughter, and she wanted them to have more. Promises were made and expectations in place. She was prepared to do her duty…until she received an unexpected visit from a handsome, long-lost childhood friend.

Will Luna be able to resist the lure of adventure, aereships, and Aldwyn?

Read excerpt.

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Mother Nature’s Passion by F.L. Bicknell

Mother Nature's Passion by F.L. Bicknell

Mother Nature’s Passion, contemporary erotica

Author: F.L. Bicknell
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Rating: Spicy
Book Length: Sip
Word Count: 4,128
Pages: 15
Price: $1.25

An afternoon viewing an apartment becomes more than Simon expects. His landlady is a beautiful, mature woman whom he finds very attractive. When a summer storm sweeps through and clothes are discarded, can he resist temptation? Or will he give in to Mother Nature’s Passion?

Read excerpt.

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