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Hot-Blooded Husband


Dan Herrera can’t believe that his passionate wife, Paz, has called a halt on their love life – all because he won’t back down in his quest to win his hedge clippers from their neighbor, Brad.  He knows she can’t resist him, and he sets about to prove it.  When he and Brad settle their feud, Paz assumes they’ll go back to  loving as usual.  But Dan has a surprise of his own.

Promise of Forever

Recovering from a personal tragedy, Celia Chandler is ready to get her life back. But the deeply passionate romance she once shared with sexy UK bookstore owner Ben Huntington has long since simmered. Christmas miracles are never to be underestimated, though, and when Celia dares to walk past Ben’s store window on a blustery Christmas Eve, their encounter proves that sparks still fly between them! But are Celia and Ben’s everlasting love and desire for each other enough to help them overcome a loss that destroyed both their worlds?


When Virginia Keith’s ex shows on her doorstep days before Christmas, demanding half the equity in the Victorian
cottage she’s restored from the ground up, she has no choice but sell the old Cessna her Dad left her.

Suddenly, the holiday’s hollow promises of magic are driving her nuts. Thinking time away might help, she takes her Dad’s plane for one last flight. 
When a freak storm forces her into a crash landing, she wakes in the most sumptuous bedroom she’s ever seen, grateful to be alive.
 Question is, who rescued her?  Nikolai, the too sexy to be real stranger from her dreams,
or the bearded psycho freak dressed as Santa she’d from the crash scene? 

Only one thing is clear. Wherever home is, Virginia can’t seem to get there from here. And the more time she spends with Nikolai,
the more she wonders if she really wants to. But in order to stay with the man she loves, she must first remember how to believe.

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