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Dean's ListDean’s List

by Caitlyn Willows
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-658-1 (Electronic)  

Genres: Contemporary / BDSM
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (19k words)
Description: New from Caitlyn Willows, author of the Amber Heat best-sellers Secrets We Keep, Undercover Lover, and White Lies……
Leigh Dean knows what she wants in a man. The list of requirements she keeps in her bedside table is very specific. Unfortunately, she wasn’t specific enough. She never dreamed age would be a factor, never dreamed her unusual requirements would be met. But then Dan Jefferson walks into her English Composition class. Eight years younger, the former kid and now to-die-for NCIS special agent, used to do yardwork for her all those years ago. This adult Dan, however, is sexy as sin and definitely off-limits, but oh-so tempting. All Dan Jefferson was looking for was a chance to brush up on his fiction-writing skills. He never expected that the woman of his dreams would be his teacher. This is a chance to tell her how much their friendship meant to him all those years ago, a chance to tell her, too, that sometime during those years he realized he didn’t just want a woman like her, he wanted her. This is also a chance to show her that he’s the man who can give her everything she’s always wanted…everything. Now that Fate seems to have reunited them on an equal playing field, Dan’s not about to let this opportunity pass………..Find Out More!


French TwistFrench Twist
by Christiane France
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-660-4 (Electronic)

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective / Suspense / Thriller

Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (25k words)
Description: New from Christiane France, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers The Impossible Dream and A Taste Of Honey……
When the markets collapse and Sean Hannesay looses everything, including his job as a financial advisor, he considers himself lucky to find work as a delivery boy for The House of Lost Treasures. It pays just enough to keep a roof over his head and food in his stomach. But suddenly being a delivery boy becomes so much more than just a low-paying job in the antique business. It places him in Paris, France, the city he’d always dreamed of visiting, to take possession of a 17th-century cross pendant. The assignment soon whisks him from what seems like one cloak-and-dagger adventure to another, and finally into the arms of the sexy Raoul Dassin–a man who instantly captures Sean’s attention and refuses to let go. Just one look, just one touch, and both Sean and Raoul know it’s game over. Or is it?………..Find Out More!
Only In His DreamsOnly In His Dreams
by Shawn Lane
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-659-8 (Electronic)

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Interracial / Multicultural
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (16k words)
Description: New from Shawn Lane, author of the Amber Allure best-sellers At Long Last and Jake’s Regret……
Shy, conservative Darrell Lincoln has worked hard to get his job as billing manager for the law firm of Anderson, Llewellyn, and Stevens. For a conscientious worker like Darrell, the job is perfect except for one thing. He has a big-time crush on one of the partners, Travis Anderson. Darrell thinks a gorgeous, wealthy, hotshot lawyer like Travis would be interested in a guy like him only in his dreams. Lonely after the death of his longtime partner, Travis isn’t the dashing, smooth playboy Darrell imagines him to be. In reality he’s just as interested in Darrell. Both men are after the same thing–each other. Their relationship is the stuff of dreams…until Travis meets Darrell’s not-so-welcoming family. Can Darrell convince Travis he’s still his dream man?………..Find Out More!


Give And Take The Major And The Minor

Give And Take by Anne Brooke
(Gay / Contemporary / BDSM [Light] )
The Major And The Minor by Pepper Espinoza
(Gay / Contemporary / Ménage [M/M/M] / Group Sex / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism)

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