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Michelle Scott’s The Soulless

The soulless are always hungry.

They prey upon society‚Äôs outcasts–the lonely, the desperate, the guilty–feeding upon the rage and lust and fear hidden in these human hearts. Once they find a victim, they are able to erase the boundary between impulse and action, turning an angry thought into murderous rage and a simple desire into
manic obsession.

Only one person understands the danger. Evander Calhoun has spent a lifetime protecting his unsuspecting neighbors from these evil spirits, but–after a
nearly a century of service–the old man no longer has the strength to continue the fight.

Evander must find a replacement. But, despite the fact that his master was a nearly crippled, illiterate, farmhand, Evander staunchly refuses to consider
anyone but a strong, young male for an apprentice. In fact, he is so blinded by prejudice that he is apt to overlook the best chance he has of saving his
beloved town.

C.S. Fuqua’s Big Daddy’s Gadgets’s+Gadgets

Listen to an old fart: It doesn’t usually take six centuries for a boy to grow up.

Josh wants only to get along and help his grandfather, Big Daddy, with the old man’s odd gadgets like the time gadget installed in the 1966 Mustang. But
simply getting along is more difficult when you’re the son of a federal arms negotiator who renounces her U.S. citizenship to become an official of the New
Republic of Hawaii, hoping ultimately to negotiate world peace.

When tiny African country Durban explodes a weapon into the atmosphere that changes the earth’s racial makeup, other nations gear up their own
not-so-passive artillery, bringing on Armageddon.

Seeing no other chance for survival, Josh uses Big Daddy’s time gadget for him and Keala, his Hawaiian-Japanese girlfriend, to escape to the future,
landing in an alien world centuries later that ends up looking a lot like home.

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