Mundania Press, LLC new releases – 12/12/2010

Kelly Lougheed’s Cads and Cadavers

When Velma’s dead boyfriend Leroy appears to her in the school biology lab one night, it’s awkward because (a) she happens to be dissecting his body for a science fair project, and (b) she never figured out how to break up with him after her roommate informed her that leaving a Post-It note on his dorm room door suggesting they never see each other again was cold and heartless.

Leroy tells her a sob story about the vampire who drained his blood and annoyingly demands that Velma, despite the insane amount of math homework she has, avenge his murder.

But the only local vampire Velma knows is the chivalrous, dashing Dennis she ran into in the graveyard one night when she was digging up Leroy’s body. His mere presence makes her hyperventilate and compulsively smooth down her hair, the signs of true amour. In one of their intimate graveyard chats, Dennis assures her that he sucks only the blood of rodents…

But is he just lying to win her heart?

Or does another vampire walk hidden among Velma’s peers?

Michelle Scott’s An Anthem for the Battle Lands

Desperate to maintain their superiority, Magicians are fighting to keep machinery and inventions out of the hands of their serving class, the commons. To this end, the Magicians have waged a war – a terribly destructive, magical war – against any and all who dare to allow the unmagical commons to improve their lives through mechanical means.

In the midst of this terrible battle, a small group of commons struggles to survive. They make their living by serving the dead, charging five cents to dig a grave, sew a shroud, and ring a peal. And in a land decimated by war, plague, and famine, they have plenty of work.

When the group meets a charismatic man by the name of William Rufflit and learns that he is working to build a militia of commons armed with his terrifying new invention – the fyrestick – they feel something they haven’t experienced in a long time: hope. But what they don’t realize is that Rufflit may not be their savior after all. He may, in fact, be an enemy even more fearsome than the one they are already facing.

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