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Marilyn Meredith’s Invisible Path: Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series

A popular young Indian man is found near the recovery center at the far end of the Bear Creek Reservation. While investigating, Deputy Tempe Crabtree learns the victim wasn’t quite what he seemed, and crosses paths with a militant para-military group who pique her curiosity and end up being a threat.

Book 9 of the Tempe Crabtree Mystery series

Colleen Helme’s Songbird

Teya is desperate. Caught by the King and held for her magical singing abilities, she is ready to do anything to escape, or die trying. When her own plans fail, an ambassador from another country unexpectedly offers her a chance at freedom. All she must do is take him to her homeland. It sounds too good to be true, and she realizes she might only be exchanging one prison for another.

When she challenges the ambassador, Bran, to remove her kundar, the hated collar that keeps her magic in check, he hesitates. She is a beautiful, exotic creature, but from the rumors he’s heard, the collar is the only thing that will keep her from turning on him, and he needs her help to find the elixir sym, that threatens to destroy his country.

A precarious alliance forms between them, and their journey begins. But it quickly becomes filled with treachery and deceit. Teya must learn who she really is, for if she fails, her people and the magic they weld are lost forever. Now, as she nears the completion of her journey, she realizes the path she is destined to take will also tear her from the man she loves. Can she give up everything she is for him?

Judy Bagshaw’s Through All Eternity

On the verge of death…

Two seemingly unrelated women meet as both face the prospect of death. Hanna, in her late seventies and in the advanced stages of cancer, has many regrets from the choices she has made as a mother and wife over the years. Karen, a divorced mother of two in her thirties, longs for the happiness she had for a brief time in her teens with the love of her life.

Between this world and the next…

While Karen has vivid dreams of her bittersweet past, Hanna finds herself having strange “episodes” where she seems to visit an idyllic otherworldly place. Her own youth and happiness aren’t all she finds there: a young man named Bobby joins her. Is Bobby merely a guide, a delusion, or something more?

It’s never too late for redemption…

With little time left, Hanna is determined to right a lifetime of wrongs. Family secrets rise to the surface and tragedy threatens to claim both women as they attempt to discover if love can last through all eternity.

William A. Veselik’s The Vampire Lord Unmasked: My Soul To Take, Part III

Prof. Alfred Rhys Smythe returns home to Victorian London after years abroad only to discover that a blood-thirsty cult of vampires is stalking the city’s theatre district. In the final installment of My Soul to Take: Part III, The Vampire Lord Unmasked, Smyth and Scotland Yard Inspector Arthur Jenkins close in on the leader of the vampire cult and prepare destroy the vile creature.

With a rag-tag group of vampire hunters in tow, Smythe and Jenkins track the vampire master to his lair in hopes of saving Smythe’s new love, a young actress, and Smythe’s own mother, both of whom are being held hostage. The hunters finally confront the vampire master in the depths of an ancient crypt dating from Roman times. The crypt bears the remains of centuries of the most powerful vampires that have ever roamed the British Isles, which the vampire master plans to revive unless he can be stopped.

In The Vampire Lord Unmasked, author William A. Veselik weaves a tale of mystery and edge-of-your-seat terror inspired by the eerie atmosphere and vivid action of the classic Hammer Horror films starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

Book 3 of the My Soul to Take series

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