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Janet Lane Walters’ Quest: The Henge Betrayed – Book 3

Though the now nine friends have found a refuge, as they begin to learn how to use their talents, they realize there are other things needed before they can confront the evil in their land.

The nine divide into three groups.

The first group sets out to find more of the gems that enhance their affinities for the elements. The three must face fears from the past and evade the dom’s minions.

The second group sets out to find the remaining talismans and are led to the buried henge in Soutren. They must find a way into the structure beneath the desert sands and fight the vermin they find there.

The third group set out to find the remaining young adults with affinities to complete four quartets. During the search, they discover three of the heirs of the princedoms and stage rescues.

Will they succeed in their quests or will they fall prey to the evil Dom Senet and He Who Walks With Evil?

Book 3 of the The Henge Betrayed series

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