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Resa Nelson’s The Iron Maiden

Astrid is reluctant to travel the winter route beyond the Northlands, even
though it’s her duty. She’d rather stay home in her village, surrounded by
friends and neighbors. Ignoring the bonds of tradition, she decides to spend the
cold winter months in the warmth of her blacksmithing shop. Why should she leave
the comfort of her cottage to serve and protect foreigners who might raid and
harm her native Northlands?

Everything changes when a traveling merchant steals Starlight, the first
dragonslayer’s sword Astrid forged and her last link to her sweetheart
DiStephan. Having no time to alert her friends, Astrid races in pursuit of the
merchant, determined to reclaim Starlight as her own and return home in time for
dinner. Instead, her quest leads her to new lands, unexpected friendships with
foreigners, and a harrowing encounter with the damage done by the followers of a
new god that considers women as nothing more than servants to men. All the
while, she must be ready to face any dragon traveling the winter route.

In Book 2 of the Dragonslayer series, Astrid must learn that deciding who she
is isn’t a decision she can make just once. Instead, it’s a decision she must
make every day.

Book 2 of the Dragonslayer series

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