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Lori K. Johnson’s Legacy of the bear: Book 3 of the Bearwalker Series

The future of the Bearwalker clan lies in Marin’s past…

Marin, Guardian of the Bearwalkers, has destroyed the devil bear and saved his ravaged clan. But unless he finds another clan to join with his own, and
provides an heir to the Guardian line, their survival is still in jeopardy.

Marin knows that something else is in trouble: his relationship with the clan’s human Protector, Lindy. As she and Marin delve into the diary of his human ancestor to discover the truth about his past, they struggle to find a solution to their dilemma:

How can Marin reconcile the worlds of human and bear to protect his clan without giving up the human woman he loves?

Book 3 of the Bearwalker series

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