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Ed Lynskey’s Troglodytes: A P.I. Frank Johnson Mystery

When American diplomat Sylvester Mercedes flew to Turkey on what was supposed to be a routine business trip, he mysteriously vanished from his hotel room.

Prominent socialite Lois Mercedes turns to P.I. Frank Johnson to track down her missing husband. Frank manages to track the kidnappers to a maze of tunnels in the ancient troglodytes’ subterranean cities. And that’s when things really get exciting!

This book is part 3 of the P.I. Frank Johnson series


Marilyn Meredith’s Deadly Trail: Prequel to Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series

The tranquility of the village of Bear Creek in the Southern Sierra is disrupted by the suspicious death of the owner of the local Inn.

Investigating a murder case isn’t Deputy Tempe Crabtree’s job, but when the detectives don’t look any further than Nick Two John as the primary suspect. Tempe begins asking questions. Putting the planning for her wedding to Pastor Hutch Hutchinson on hold, it doesn’t take long for her to discover there are several more people who wanted the victim dead, including his wife.

Tempe follows the trail of clues putting her job, her upcoming marriage and herself in peril.

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