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Brenna Lyons’ Monsters of Myth

We’ve read about them. We’ve watched movies about them. They’ve haunted
our nightmares and tantalized our imaginations. They are the monsters of myth
and legend.

You know them: vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, zombies, ghosts, and all
manner of mischievous creatures that cause inexplicable mayhem.

Welcome to my worlds, and may the magic of the myths never die.

Michelle L. Levigne’s Traitors: The Faxinor Chronicles Book 3

Lord Edrix Faxinor regretted his brilliant diplomatic insight the moment he
realized it landed him in the role of ambassador to Sendorland, the hereditary
enemy of his country, Reshor. Still aching from the death of his betrothed, he
set sail in the hopes of bringing peace between the two warring nations.

Arriena of Traxslan was the lowest of the low — a poor relation, living on
the charity of her domineering, cruel cousin, Lord Mordon Traxslan. She had
dreams of being a scholar, despite the “sin” of being born a woman, with
supposedly limited intelligence.

Then her cousin offered Arriena a chance to have some choice in her future —
but it could cost her life. Because she resembled Faxinor’s dead betrothed, she
was ordered to enchant and ensnare him, to give Sendorland power over him, and
force him to betray Reshor.

Arriena had grown up unable to trust anyone.

Could she trust Edrix with the truth, and possibly her heart? To save Arriena,
could Edrix risk becoming a traitor?

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