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LogoThis March, Medallion Press is overwhelmed with excitement as we find new ways of reaching out to our readers and share in the joy of the award season with many of our authors.  

With the popularity of MP3 players, downloadable music, and internet radio, Medallion Press will be expanding our digital presence with a new internet radio show, Medallion Press Radio (MPR)! On March 19th, 2008 at 2:00pm CST, join our host and PR Assistant, Paul Ohlson, for our new monthly half hour radio show. Each Medallion Press Radio show will give listeners insights into your favorite Medallion authors, news updates, monthly editor tips, and even information on how to become a Medallion Press Insider. This month, we will feature an interview with our very own President and CEO, Helen A. Rosburg, author of Call of the Trumpet, The Dream Thief, By Honor Bound, and Ellie and the Elven King, along with Scotland native, Davie Henderson, who will speak about his new science-fiction novel, Tomorrow’s World.  Then join us on the third Wednesday of every month at 2:00pm CST for a new episode of Medallion Press Radio! There are three easy ways to access our show:

1. Visit and look for the Medallion Press Radio (MPR) Player.


2. Visit and look for the Medallion Press Radio Show listed in the features section on the main page. Or you can also find us under the Categories section, located under books. While your there be sure to subscribe to our show so you do not miss any of our upcoming episodes.


3. Our shows will be available for download as Podcasts on iTunes and other Podcast directories.

 As Hollywood wraps up award season, Medallion Press authors are still collecting their awards and having their books added to the list of Nominees.  

  • 25% of all Medallion Authors are award winners
  • 34% of all Medallion Authors have been nominated for awards
  • 75% of Medallion Authors who have been nominated have won awards
  • 33% of Medallion Authors are multiple award winners

 Here is a short recap of some of our 2007 award winning and nominated authors! 

Blood Ties by Lori G. Armstrong, nominated for Best First Novel for the 2006 Shamus Awards. 

Hallowed Ground by Lori G. Armstrong, winner of the 2007 WILLA Literary Award for Best Original Soft Cover Fiction. Hallowed Ground was also nominated for Best Paperback Original for the 2007 Shamus Award

Shallow Grave by Lori G. Armstrong, Romantic Times Top Pick for October 2007. 

Romancing the West by Beth Ciotta, nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for 2007. 

Summer of Fire and Rain of Fire by Linda Jacobs, both were finalists for the 2007 Zia Literary Award. Rain of Fire was also a finalist in the 2007 WILLA Awards for Best Original Soft Cover Fiction. 

My Lady’s Treasure by Catherine Kean, winner of the 2007 Road to Romance Readers’ Choice Award. 

In Enemy Hands by Michelle Perry, finalist in the 2007 Kiss of Death: Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery Suspense.

Vanquished by Hope Tarr, second place winner in the Historical Category of the 2007 Laurel Wreath Contest for Excellence in published Romance Fiction. 

A Knight’s Vengeance by Catherine Kean, third place winner in the Historical Category of the 2007 Laurel Wreath Contest for Excellence in published Romance Fiction. 

Fire at Midnight by Lisa Marie Wilkinson, Grand prize winner in the 2007 Maryland Writers Association Novel Contest.  

White Fells by R. Garland Gray, nominated for the Love Romance Café’s Best of 2007 Awards. 

We also have three Honorable Mentions in the 2007 London Book Festival; Call of the Trumpet by Helen A. Rosburg for Genre Based Fiction, Guns by Phil Bowie for Fiction, and The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn for Genre Based Fiction.  

Congratulations to all our authors! We are very proud to have all of you as a part of the Medallion Press family!  

As always, thanks to all our loyal readers and authors. In the coming months, Medallion Press and our authors hit the road, with appearances at the Romantic Times Convention, the London Book Fair and Book Expo America in Los Angeles. Until then . . .  Happy reading!

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