Introducing Encore Romance

 Encore Romance Publishing Grand Opening April 28, 2008

Encore: a demand by an audience for an additional performance, usually expressed by applause. In the literary community, applause is expressed by sales and reader commitment to an author. The books you will find at Encore Romance are previously published titles from some of your favorite authors. These books will only be available in e-book and only by Encore Romance.

Encore Romance, debuting on April 28th, is a different kind of publisher. Covers will be designed by a talented cover artist, and while your book will be displayed on our website, readers will be directed to various websites to make their purchases. In partnership with convenient e-book stores like Fictionwise and Mobipocket, Encore Romance will endeavor to increase both your readership and sales for your out-of-print books.

What we’re looking for at present: Any previously-published paperback romance book that is now out-of-print. You must have the digital/electronic rights to your book. We are accepting all genre romance novels from authors published by in print by a publishing company with at least twenty-five novels in print.

Contract details: All accepted authors will be expected to sign a two-year contract (renewable) for the digital/electronic rights for their book. Print rights shall remain with the author(S). As these books will be sold through outlets requiring distribution discounts, Authors will receive 50% of the net price after discount.

To submit: Send a letter of interest with information about your book to  We will usually respond with a decision within 24 to 72 hours. We do ask that you be willing to include information about Encore Romance and the digital sale of your book on your website.

To learn more, you can visit Encore Romance at its website at  which is currently under construction.

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