Holiday Shorts Wanted

Icy Snowflake (1)

Holiday Romances Line – Now Open.

What could be better during the holidays then finding the love of a lifetime? A roaring fire, a glass of wine…while beyond the windows the snow is falling. Your lover’s arms wrapped around you as the twinkling lights flicker. Crimson Frost Books is looking for Holiday romances between 5,000 and 15,000 words to be released between November and February. Each story must feature the a winter holiday with the romance as the main plot. The heat range can be anything from sensual to erotic.

To be published this year, submissions will need to be in no later than August first. Anything recieved after that date will still be considered but may not be out until 2014, although we do have some creative ideas for Christmas year round!

For details on our submission guidelines check out our Submissions page.

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