February 08 Releases From The Wild Rose Press

wild-rose-press.jpg The Wild Rose Press has been making it’s talented authors known for almost two years now. For those who are not familar with this publishing company, take a peek at what they have to offer the romance lovers community. Anything from historical, paranormal, inspirational, contemporary and young adult, western, erotic, you name it and The Wild Rose Press has it. Please, check out both the links at the bottom of the page for our main catalogue and our Wilder Erotic offerings.

Free Falline by Mary Eason Feb 1
Moonlight Bay by Tess Morrison Feb 1
The Madness of Celia Summers by Charlotte Chalmers Feb 1
Leaving the Comfort Café by Dawn Wilson Feb 1
Sacrificial Hearts by Skhye Moncrief Feb 6
Treasure Found by Cheryl A. Cornell Feb 6
Valentine’s Day Do-Over Part II: The Siblings by Donna Michaels Feb 6
The Cougar Meets Her Master – KyAnn Waters Feb 8th
Dragon Rescue by Rachel Reeves Feb 8
A Sigh of Love by Bess McBride Feb 8
A Wife for Big John by Lauri Robinson Feb 8
Cat in the Mist by Sonja Foust Feb 13
First Step by Giulietta Jones Feb 13
Visions of Fear by Donna Wright Feb 13
When the World is Right by Margo Hoornstra Feb 13
Devil’s Dance by Scarlett Sanderson Feb 15
To Deceive is to Love by Lynne King Feb 15
One Hot Texas Night by Judith Rochelle Feb 15
How Much You Want to Bet? by Melissa Blue Feb 15
Mi Toro by Brenna Zinn Feb 20
Bridget’s Rainbow Feb 20
When the Light was Still New by Elrena Evans Feb 20
Hurricane Breeze by Terry Odell Feb 20
Bella Signorina by Denyse Bridger Feb 20
Sex Lies and DVD’s by Lynne Logan Feb 22
Eye of the Beholder by Delia Deleest Feb 22
Sonora by Elaine Bonner Feb 22
And There Are Girls You Marry by Tina Gallagher Feb 22
The Mask She Wears by Jennifer Leeland Feb 27
Candy, Corpses, and Classified Ads by JL Wilson Feb 29
No Second Chance by Maggie Toussaint Feb 29
Home Style Lovin’ by Elizabeth Palmer Feb 29
Broken Hero by Anne Whitfield Feb 29

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