Chimeraworld – the first four issues

four covers to date

Mike Philbin created Chimericana Books back in 2004 so that he could spotlight more of the horror writing he couldn’t find on the book shelves, adult horror writing that spoke of the human condition free of arbitrary genre restrictions. Previous to Chimeraworld, most of the things he read were derivative, weak, grey, cliched, genre-compliant filler product that any honest editor would have sent back in a black fugue of disdain or simply poured gasoline on and burned in the reject bin. What makes the Chimeraworld anthologies so different from 99.37% of the literature you find on the book shelves today is a) they defy genre, 3) they’re very strange and ix) you can’t find them in the shops – Chimeraworld is a totally online trade paperback venture. Chimericana Books released Chimeraworld 1 (23 stories from 23 writers) with a theme of ‘grand guignol, body horror and altered states of perception’. Chimeraworld 2 had 23 more stories from 23 writers about ‘orphans, decay and depression’. Chimeraworld 3 tackled ‘misogyny, atheism and terrorism’. Chimeraworld 4 was ‘car-hatred, car-lust, car-nage’.

 Chimeraworld is a great series that highlights some of the best ‘genreclectic’ writers you may never have heard of. Each of the books comes in 6″ by 9″ trade paperback format with a cover designed by Mike Philbin. You can pick up each edition for $13.99 direct from Chimericana Books.

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