Calderwood Books EPPIE Winner and Finalists

Calderwood Books is pleased to announce it’s EPPIE winner for the fantasy category: “North Star” by Pier Giorgio Pacific.We also had two finalists: “Attack of the Killer Prom Dresses” by Donna McNair for the YA book category, and “The Falling Down Man” by James Lally in the Mystery category.All three books are wonderful reads, and we’re proud that the authors chose Calderwood Books to represent them. Being a new publisher is hard, but organizations such as EPIC are of an immense help – not only to authors, but to publishers as well. Since the EPPIES were announced, hits to our site have greatly increased. The EPPIE award is a great way to get your book noticed. It was almost beyond our wildest dreams to have three finalists (and one winner!) for this prestigious award. We’d like to thank the EPIC organizers for the effort they put in, and for the generous help they give to authors and publishers. We count ourselves lucky to have such a unflagging advocate for e-books.

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