BVS Authors, Editors, Cover Artists To Chat at Beth Wylde’s Group Saturday March 1 — Will Be Playing BVS Book Trivia for Prizes

Black Velvet Seductions authors, cover artists and editors will be chatting all day Saturday (March 1) at Beth Wylde’s group ( )

Authors with books already published with Black Velvet Seductions (BVS) will be there to chat about their books. Authors who are under contract with new books coming soon will be there as well. Be sure to stop in for a sneak peak at Alyssa Aaron’s His Perfect Submissive which will be released in ebook at Fictionwise on Monday. Author Alyssa Aaron will be offering a free pdf sample of the first three chapters of the book for those who request it. (You’ll need to get her email at the chat on Saturday). 

Check out the Black Velvet Seductions website (http://www.blackvelvetseductions.com_) read the excerpts – visit the author’s websites and come with your questions because we’ll be playing BVS trivia throughout the day on Saturday. Anything on the BVS site, including the blog, as well as anything on any of the author’s sites, blogs, or MySpaces will be fair game for trivia questions.) The first reader to correctly answer all the questions in a given group of 3-5 Trivia questions will win a free book for themselves and one for a friend (be sure to have your friend’s email address handy so the book you select for them can be emailed to them.)

The more active the group, the more questions readers ask, the more trivia sets and the more prizes will be available. As is the case with almost all Black Velvet Seductions awards, readers will be allowed to choose their own prize from books available on the Black Velvet Seductions website.

If there’s a book you’ve been wanting to buy, why not visit Beth Wylde’s group, and play Black Velvet Seductions book trivia with us on Saturday? It’s bound to be fun…and you just might win a free book…or two.

Black Velvet Seductions Founder and CEO Laurie Sanders will be on hand to answer questions about the company, what they are looking for in future submissions, which areas they would like to venture into, which areas they are not venturing into. Saturday’s event is a rare chance to ask all the questions you’ve been wanting to ask…whether from a reader’s perspective, an author’s perspective or both. 

Hope to see you there on Saturday

Laurie Sanders
Black Velvet Seductions

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