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Visit Our New Website!

This week, Red Sage Publishing is unveiling a brand new website! It’s faster, easier, safer, and above all, prettier! Come check it out at And be sure to stop by the blog for details on a month-long book giveaway to celebrate the spiffy new site! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace […]

New Secrets Are Here!

SECRETS VOLUME 28 SENSUAL CRAVINGS THE PIRATE’S POSSESSION – JULIET BURNS When Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick tries to bargain with a fierce pirate for escape across the water to her childhood home, she unwittingly becomes the possession of Merciless MacGowan, a fierce privateer on the run from Cromwell’s army. Ewan MacGowan has been betrayed and mistakenly […]

Now Available! “Triple Threat” by Mia Varano

Where in time is Trey this month? Present day, in the desert outside of Las Vegas. They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but what happens when part of Vegas tries to escape? Brandy knows too much. She has seen too much. She can stay in the city and try to brazen her […]

ROSE RED AND BLACK BEAR AN EROTIC FAIRY TALE BY GWEN WILLIAMS “Once upon a time….” So many of us loved fairy tales when we were children. Princesses and magic, evil sorcerers and wicked witches, curses and dark surprises — and above all, a handsome prince who could see beyond surface beauty to the pure […]

New Release! Droit de Seigneur by Alice Gaines

Droit de Seigneur the racy new medieval historical by Alice Gaines On Sale Now at Red Sage! After the atrocities of the Crusades, Guy of Bournwood has returned home to nurse his wounds and manage the estate he inherits unexpectedly. His heart is heavy, and his dreams are soaked with the blood of those he […]

The Newest Installment in the “Three Kinds of Wicked” Series! Reckless Exposure by Anne Rainey As fashion photographer Rand Miller listens to all the reasons why his sexy lover must move out of not only his apartment but also his life, he decides to give her the going away party of a lifetime. The list […]

New from Red Sage!

BRIBES, BLACKMAIL AND BONDAGE by LYNNE LOGAN Attorney Amanda Oliver’s job is to prove Drake Andrew innocent of murder, but a moment of forbidden passion between the two jeopardizes his freedom and her career and thrusts them both into a game of sexual blackmail. With proof of their jailhouse tryst, a deputy threatens to expose […]

Jennifer Barlowe’s Dangerous Demoness!

Case is a con man specializing in arcane artifacts — his life a razor-edged gamble. When his most recent grift goes catastrophically, wrong he decides to take his biggest chance yet, betting he can out-seduce a demonic seductress and win her to his side. A centuries-old succubus, Samantaka has seen every kind of human arrogance […]

A New Beginning For An Immortal Man

Red Sage Presents… New This Month… The Launch Title for Our First Ever Author-Led Series… Wicked Temptation by Liane Gentry Skye Beyond the bounds of pleasure, a single chance for redemption… Trey, a demigod, is sworn to guard the fates of human couples on whose relationships hinge the course of history. Over the eons, his […]

The New Secrets Anthology Is Here!

Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures Featuring Four New Tales of Seduction and Romance! Available Now in Bookstores and From Red Sage Publishing! THE BET – LEIGH COURT I can make a woman come using just my words… That outrageous claim by a very drunk Damian Hunt, Viscount Atherton, somehow escalates into a high stakes wager […]

New From Red Sage!

MASK OF A GYPSY by HARRIET JONES If you liked “The Bride Unmasked,” you’ll love this next story in the series from Harriet Jones! Honoria knows she must marry a suitable gentleman. But would it be so terrible if she tasted pleasure first, just a little? Of course, she would need to persuade Sir Vincent […]

Today’s Featured Anniversary Sale Book

Mia Varano, Sex and the Single Pearl “Menage” If one man is good, then two must be better. With the rise of erotic romance over the last fifteen years, readers are becoming bolder and more willing to explore scenarios that would have been unimagineable when Red Sage first opened for business. The menage a trois […]

Passion and Magic for Only $1.50 until June 10!

Lila Dubois, Kitsune “Magic” There’s a special kind of magic in being swept away by passion. Time hangs suspended as every nerve ending, every pulse of our hearts, every indrawn breath becomes supercharged with erotic and emotional nuance. For fifteen years, Red Sage has been recreating that magic between the covers of its books. But […]

Wild and Dangerous, and On Sale for $1.50!

Rose Middleton, Payback “Rogue” Women love a bad boy! Tall, dark, and dangerous, with a cool glint in his eye and an uncontrollable edge — the Romantic Rogue reminds us why we love men in the first place. They’re daring. They’re governed by a personal moral (or immoral!) code. And they’re very, very sexy. For […]

Today’s Red Sage Anniversary Sale Featured Story

Harriet Jones, The Bride Unmasked “Herstory” Red Sage has always been a company with a mission: to shine a light on women’s yearnings for sex and love. By sharing our fantasies through storytelling, we learn just how normal our feminine desires really are. None of our Secrets need to be cloaked in mystery any longer. […]

Red Sage: 15 Years. 15 Books. $1.50 Each

Alice Gaines, The Hot-Blooded Husband “Launch” They say you should begin as you mean to go on. This is why we launched both the Secrets Anthologies and the Red Sage Presents e-books with novellas by Alice Gaines. We started strong with crowd-pleasing stories from this popular author. “The Hot-Blooded Husband” represents another first for Red […]

May Magic at Red Sage

Oopsie! Petal spilled her Fairy Dust all over the prices at Red Sage! And now they all have shrunk! Come see Petal’s accidental magic at Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share with Stumblers Tweet about it

New Release from Red Sage Presents!

THE MERRY WIDOW • KOKO BROWN Victorian England is a man’s world. And no one knows this better than Phillipa Jones, who must fight society’s conventions along with chauvinistic ship captains and a greedy yet undeniably handsome Viscount to keep her late husband’s shipping business afloat. Unfortunately, one moment of weakness and a case of […]

Get all three Confessions Of Lady H for 5.50

    Buy All Three Volumes of “The Secret Confessions of Lady H” and Save!   Any E-Book Format! Offer Good in April 2009!   Spring has finally arrived, and to celebrate, we’re offering a special discount for subscribers to our newsletter, Red Sage Confidential, and our other loyal customers. Buy all three volumes of […]

Megans Choice by Ellie Marvel

Available only at   Have you ever wanted to tell a romance heroine what to do next? Well, now you can! Thanks to a simple but innovative  use of hyperlinks in e-book formats, the chapter you want to  read next is just one click away!  Megan Malone, the quadrant’s fastest zip ship pilot, is […]