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Calderwood Books EPPIE Winner and Finalists

Calderwood Books is pleased to announce it’s EPPIE winner for the fantasy category: “North Star” by Pier Giorgio Pacific.We also had two finalists: “Attack of the Killer Prom Dresses” by Donna McNair for the YA book category, and “The Falling Down Man” by James Lally in the Mystery category.All three books are wonderful reads, and […]

New Year Wishes

For 2008, I have two wishes.First: This year, I’d like more people to discover e-books.It may sound like a selfish wish – after all, Calderwood Books publishes e-books, and I’m an e-book writer. But it’s more than just an urge to boost sales. I have three children, and I often wonder what kind of world I’m leaving […]

Calderwood Books

Calderwood Books is pleased to welcome you to our virtual bookstore and publishing company. We at Calderwood believe that e-books are the future. We care about the environment and are proud to be part of an ecologically sound business. We use the latest technology to bring you books that will give you reading pleasure without damaging […]