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Lycan Lore 2Lycan Lore 2: Offspring
by Shannon Leigh
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-360-3 (Electronic)
Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Ménage (M/F/M) / Group Sex / Series

Heat Level: 3

Length: Novella (23k words)
Description: New from Shannon Leigh, author of the best-sellers Chasing Booty and Erotikos…..
Sequel to Amber Heat best-seller Lycan Lore……Nine months ago, Heather’s life took a dramatic change.  She became a werewolf.  Shortly thereafter, a lycan hunter named Cray murdered her sire, leaving her to struggle through her horrible existence alone.  But if turning into a bloodthirsty, ravenous, beast of the night wasn’t bad enough, she’d also conceived a child on the evening of her attack.  With the next lunar cycle about to begin, the hunter hot on her heels, and her unborn child at stake, she’s desperate to stay alive.  Hoping the hordes of partying females will mask her scent, she flees to the crowded shores of South Beach, right into the arms of a local college student named Mike, a man who could prove more than a one-night stand.  Born a lycan, bred a hunter, Cray McCorbin has learned to control his inner beast, as well as accept the responsibility of eliminating other wolves who can’t.  He’s not proud of his job–killing isn’t something he enjoys–and prefers to consider himself a protector of humanity, despite his own heritage.  Nine months ago, however, fate intervened in his miserable life and fulfilled the old Lycan Lore, presenting him with a mate.  Cassandra, Heather’s best friend, is all Cray’s ever dreamed of and more.  But destiny can sometimes come with a cruel hand.  Though he’d gladly give his life for her, his duties as hunter comes first.  He can’t allow any renegade werewolf to escape, not even Cassandra’s best friend ………..Find Out More!


A Themed Weekend of

Erotic Romance
Featuring The Following Titles…

The Beckmeyer Wolves: Going With The Flow by Isabella Jordan

(Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Suspense / The Arts / Series)

Dragonheat by Sherrill Quinn

(Shapeshifter / Ménage [M/F/M] / Group Sex / Series)

Shifting Tides: Song Of The Sea by Cassandra Curtis

(Shapeshifter / Fantasy / Witchcraft / BDSM / Action / Mystery / Romantic Comedy)

Going With The Flow Dragonheat Song Of The Sea


Saddle Up
ISBN: 978-1-60272-372-6
A New AmberPax Collection

Of “Cowboys / Western” Gay Erotic Romance

Featuring The Following Titles…

Cave Creek Cowboy Total TopCave Creek Cowboy Total Top

by Brit Blaise
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-373-3 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Interracial / Multicultural

Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words)

Description: New from Brit Blaise, author of the best-sellers Cave Creek Cowboy Ménage and The Blood Club……
One man’s past bisexual lifestyle has significant and lingering consequences, and the total top becomes a total mess when his past collides with his present……Spence is on top of the world, a golden boy, rich and used to getting his own way.  His fate, however, is about to change.  Just when he finds the perfect cowboy to love, he’s blindsided with a complication of epic proportions.  A pregnant woman claims he’s her baby’s daddy…and his “perfect cowboy” is the woman’s unsuspecting half-brother.  Paul never knew falling in love could be so complicated.  When the man of his dreams also knocks up his sister, can Paul get past it?  And can he also get beyond his hot-blooded Latino prejudices against rich white men who don’t have a clue how the other half lives?………..Find Out More!

Eight SecondsEight Seconds

by Barrie Abalard
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-374-0 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / The Arts / BDSM / Suspense / Thriller
Heat Level: 3
Extended Amber Kiss (13k words)
Description: New from Barrie Abalard, author of the best-seller Semper Fi…..
Bustin’ broncos, heads, and hearts–a rodeo’s worth of sexy suspense……Ex-bareback rider and part-time songwriter Cam “The Professor” Chester rides pick-up for Philadelphia area rodeos–and rides the men he picks up in Philly’s gay bars.  Hated by other rodeo folk, he’s alone in the showers one night when someone knocks him out.  Barebacker, bisexual Wyatt Knott has never met anyone like Cam and is instantly drawn to him.  After Wyatt finds Cam unconscious on the shower floor, he goes home with the man to tend to his wound.  Before you can say, “Ride ’em, cowboy,” the two have sweaty, grasping sex.  When Cam reports his attack in the showers to the rodeo’s owner, Shep Walton, Walton tells him nothing can be done because Cam doesn’t have any idea who hit him, and there were no witnesses.  But by reporting the assault to Walton, Cam sets in motion a chain of events that will leave him drugged and bound in a chair, Wyatt standing next to him, with someone holding a revolver on them both.  Eight Seconds, the length of time a barebacker must stay on his bronco, weaves the story of two men who’ve never been in love, yet find themselves unable to dismiss their passionate sex as a casual thing………..Find Out More!

Spirit SanctuarySpirit Sanctuary

by Gabrina Garza
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-375-7 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / BDSM (Light)
Heat Level: 3
Novella (18k words)
Description: New from Gabrina Garza, author of the best-sellers Take Me Out and Endangered……
In the high-stress world of running a horse sanctuary, Rebel Wirth’s hopes of taking some time off go from relaxing to excruciating following a broken ankle.  He has zero faith in anyone being able to do his job–until he meets the tall, sexy stranger slated to take his position.  One look at Kai Phillips and there are quite a few positions Rebel wouldn’t mind taking with him.  But looks and sexual attraction alone won’t keep the ship afloat, and Rebel finds his way of doing things aren’t exactly the way Kai prefers.  He’s got to break in Kai the right way and introduce him to a program The Sanctuary runs, which helps inner city kids in need.  Kai soon realizes The Sanctuary is as much about helping horses as it is delinquent teenagers.  The time and effort Rebel puts into his job are admirable, but changes need to be made.  Should he step in and tell Rebel what to do?  Or should he stand back and let Rebel take the reins, all the while fighting to control his growing desire for the dedicated cowboy?………..Find Out More!

Stealing WestStealing West

by Jamie Craig
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-376-4 (Electronic)
Gay / Historical / The Old West / BDSM / Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended
Novella (36k words)
Description: New from Jamie Craig, author of the best-selling series The Master Chronicles and Calendar Boys…..
Leon Stroud is wanted for robbery and a murder he didn’t commit.  On the run to California with his partner-in-crime, Kenneth, he spots the relentless bounty hunter, Thomas Grady, on the train.  The only way to protect Kenneth is to create a distraction, and that’s what Leon does when he flees the train at the top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  He forces Thomas to chase him, but nothing can prepare him for what it means to be caught.  Thomas Grady always gets his man, and Leon Stroud is no exception to that rule.  But almost from the moment Thomas touches Leon, he wants the outlaw for something besides his bounty.  Driven by desire he doesn’t understand, Thomas repeatedly claims Leon’s body on the long journey from Soda Springs to San Francisco–and Leon only begs for more.  An even bigger threat, with a larger bounty, could be the very thing they need to drive them together…or tear them apart………..Find Out More!


by J. M. Snyder
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-377-1 (Electronic)
Gay / Historical / The Old West / Action / Adventure
Heat Level: 3
Novella (18k words)
Description: New from J. M. Snyder, author of the best-sellers Crushed and The Bonds Of Love……

Jesse McCray ekes out a hard living cutting cattle from the local beef baron of Defiance, Texas.  He’s known for his quick draw and his steady aim; no one outguns him.  Whenever he and his ragtag group of friends known as the Rustlers ride into town, the local cowboys hold their breaths, waiting for the men to ride through.  But one evening, while playing faro at Billy’s Saloon, Jesse’s attention is drawn to a new face in the crowd.  Ethan Phillips is an idealistic tenderfoot from back East, passing through Defiance on his way to the California coast.  He’s heard tales of the gold that enriches the west coast, and he’s looking for a way to make his dreams come true.  When his horse pulls up lame, he offers to sing for the cowboys of Billy’s Saloon to earn a few coins, but the men jeer at his song until a man in black quiets them.  With one look into Jesse’s dark eyes, Ethan finds himself falling for the man.  Ethan’s horse heals, but he stays in Defiance, enamored by his outlaw lover.  But the cattle baron has a grudge against one of Jesse’s outlaw friends, and a gunfight in Billy’s Saloon puts a price on the Rustlers’ heads.  Can Jesse protect Ethan from the lawmen gunning for him and his friends?………..Find Out More!

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The Chap In Chaps Peanut Butter Kisses Positions Of Love 10

The Chap In Chaps by Deirdre O’Dare
(Gay / Historical / The Old West / Action / BDSM / Multicultural)
Peanut Butter Kisses by Pepper Espinoza
(Gay / Contemporary)

The Positions Of Love, Book 10: Lotus Position by J. M. Snyder
(Gay / Fantasy / Superheroes / Exhibitionism / Series)

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