AQP Goes Multi-Format — At The Touch Of A Button!

As our customers already know, AQP has always offered our e-books in a variety of the most popular download formats: HTML, PDF, LIT, RB, PRC (Mobi), and the newer EPUB format is also being made available for our most recent releases.  Yet with so many e-reading devices being manufactured these days, each requiring different formats, and with our customers switching between these devices more and more often, we knew it had come time to add an additional feature to our bookshelf…the ability to switch between formats.

Yes, that’s right!  No matter what format of e-books you purchased in the past from our website, you now have the ability to read any of those books in any of the formats available!
Did you receive a new device recently that requires a format different from all the e-books in your bookshelf?  That’s not a problem any longer…simply log into your AQP Bookshelf to find all the downloads you’ve purchased from our website through the years, and if another format is needed, just click on the accompanying “switch format” link.  A new window will pop up, listing all the formats available for the title you want to read.  Click the button for the format you require, and voila–done.  It’s as simple as that!
Now, when making a purchase, you no longer have to worry which e-book format will best suit your needs in the future.  Select the format you prefer and rest easy, knowing you’ll be able to switch between formats as often as necessary.  And all at the touch of a button!

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