April 2008 releases from Medallion Press!

Into the Mist by Elizabeth Sinclair to finally hit stores April 15th! 

Into the Mist by Elizabeth Sinclair was originally set to be released on March 1, 2008, but due to some uncontrollable circumstances the books were not ready in time.  Things have been put back on track, and the books should be ready to hit stores in April. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to our readers

Be sure to look for this newest release about the “miracle” town of Renaissance to appear in stores April 15th!


Follow Elizabeth Sinclair as she takes us back to the miracle town of Renaissance in Into the Mist, the sequel to the 2006 Anne Bonney Reader’s Choice Award winning novel Miracle in the Mist. 

Into the MistIn this sequel to Miracle in the Mist, Carrie Henderson, an amnesiac victim, finds herself alone in a blizzard wandering the streets of the village of Tarrytown, NY. Guides from the misty village of Renaissance—the town where miracles happen, find her and take her to Renaissance. Living with Clara Webb, the village weaver, and healing in the security of a new love, Frank Donovan, Carrie is guided through her memories a bit at a time until she emerges a stronger woman, sure of who she is and what she wants.Frank is enchanted with Carrie from the first time he sees her, but he knows she’s a wounded soul, and he doesn’t trust himself not to hurt her further. He also must come to terms with his own demons, the ghosts of his dead wife and child. Until that time, he cannot hope to help Carrie or love her as she deserves to be loved and cherished.But Renaissance has a way of healing the soul and opening the heart to all kinds of possibilities. All they’ll need is faith and trust to give birth to the miracle of love.

“In Into the Mist, author Elizabeth Sinclair again visits Renaissance: that magical place where the impossible and extraordinary embrace, creating miracles, healing and love. This heartwarming series is a blissful respite for weary souls.”
~ Vicki Hinze, award-winning author of Her Perfect Life

“Elizabeth Sinclair has done the impossible and written a most wonderful and
original adult fairy tale. If only there was such a place as Renaissance.”
~ Sharon Sala, New York Times bestselling author of Cut Throat


From the author of Killing Frost, Scott Gamboe, comes a new fantasy, The Piaras Legacy.

Piaras LegacyLong ago, so the legends say, the Necromancer Volnor invaded the continent of Pelacia. His legions of undead soldiers ravaged the land unchecked, until the three nations united and pushed their evil foes back into the Desert of Malator.But that was centuries ago, and few people still believe the tale. Other, more worldly matters occupy their time, such as recent attacks by renegade Kobolds. But Elac, an Elf who makes his way as a merchant, is too concerned with his business affairs to become involved in international politics. Until a marauding band of Kobolds attacks Elac’s caravan and he finds himself running for his life. Befriended by an Elven warrior named Rilen, he travels to Unity, the seat of power on the Pelacian continent. There he is joined by a diverse group of companions, and he sets out on an epic quest to solve the riddle of his heritage and save the land from the growing evil that threatens to engulf it.

The Piaras Legacy has everything a fan of true epic fantasy could want—a daring hero, villains to freeze the blood, a quest that will determine the fate of the world.  The only thing lacking is…more!  Give us more!”
~ Robert Vardeman, author of Magic the Gathering™: Dark Legacy


In the second book from Catherine Kean’s Knight Series, A Knight’s Reward, join Gisela on a journey to reclaim her life and overcome the shadows of her past.

A Knight's Reward Assaulted and injured by her abusive and murderous husband, Ryle, Gisela Anne Balewyne flees with her small son, Ewan.  Hiding from Ryle, and working as a tailor in the town of Clovebury, Gisela struggles to save enough money to move north and start a new life.  With her latest commission from rich French merchant Crenardieu—sewing garments from luxurious blue silk—she will finally be able to leave and be free of Ryle forever.  All goes well until Dominic de Terre, back several years from the Crusade, accepts his lord de Lanceau’s mission to find out who has stolen de Lanceau’s cloth shipment, worth a fortune. Dominic is the father of her son, although he does not know it.  And although they discover neither her love, nor his, has ever died, she still cannot tell him the truth.  Not yet.  Tragically, however, Gisela waits too long. Dominic discovers not only that Gisela has lied to him about the stolen silks, and has concealed them in her shop, he learns Ewan is his illegitimate son.  She has betrayed his trust not once, but twice, and Gisela expects him to arrest her and take Ewan away. Crenardieu’s thugs, however, reach Dominic first, and Gisela realizes there is only one way to save his life.  She must go to de Lanceau, admit her crimes, and convince him to let her help him save Dominic.  But first she must confront Ryle, the dragon of her nightmares . . . 

“Kean’s story is richly atmospheric and compelling.  You’ll want to stay with these wonderful characters long after the book ends!”
~Betina Krahn, New York Times bestselling author 

“Ms. Kean has crafted a well-told story in A Knight’s Reward that reads like a passionate fairy tale. Full of mystery and misunderstandings, it will keep the reader on edge until the very end.”
~ Sabine Maurier, Novelspot 

“Warning: this book will cause you to lose sleep, and you will be yawing all the next day.… A Knight’s Reward is a fast-paced treasure that involves you in the story from the very beginning with wonderful characters, an excellent story line, and a tale that will leave you cheering at the end.”
~ Affaire de Coeur 

A Knight’s Reward is an engaging page turner.… This is a masterpiece, an extraordinary tale that should be read by all.”
~ Coffee Time Romance


Author Lisa Manuel asks the question: When secrets destroy, can love live on? in her debut release, The Legacy. 
The LegacyWhen her brief, disastrous marriage to a fortune hunter ends in scandal, Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler’s vengeful adoptive father imprisons her in a cloister. Nine years later, however, following the teachings of the reformer Martin Luther, she arranges a daring escape. She is free at last—for the moment—a noblewoman of conscience, and has learned a lesson about trusting men she will never forget.Wolfgang Behaim, a widowed commoner, is a tradition-bound printer from the rising middle class with a secret that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. Burdened by the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father’s death, he has no heart for love. Yet he finds himself suddenly betrothed to Sabina, the Baron von Ziegler’s adopted daughter. It is a marriage neither wants. Sabina again finds herself imprisoned by the Baron, in a dungeon this time, being slowly starved to death. Her only key to freedom is marriage to Wolf. And Wolf must marry Sabina, or the murderous Baron will reveal the secret from his past.Though neither comprehends the dark purpose behind the Baron’s machinations, they are forced into a union they never plan to consummate. But as they fight to discover the truth of the mysteries surrounding them, they find themselves challenged by a fiery passion they cannot resist. Can they overcome their past and find love even as lies, war, and an unexpected enemy conspire against them?

“Bennett delivers a powerful evocation of an exciting period in history most romance novels have ignored. Her full-blooded characters take you on an emotional roller coaster, for a trip you won’t soon forget. We’ll be seeing more of this author, and I can hardly wait.”
~ Susan Squires, author of Danegeld, Danelaw, No More Lies, and The Companion series

“Tempting, tantalizing, and terrific! TJ Bennett is an exceptional new talent who delivers a fresh, satisfying romance.”
~ Shana Galen, author of Good Groom Hunting and When Dashing Met Danger

5 out of 5 cups
“This story is superb…. The Legacy is a riveting story that explodes with tight action. It is an interesting plot with in-depth feelings that even pierced this reader’s heart. There are situations between this loving couple that made my heart leap for joy. Drama at its best, this is one overpowering, extraordinary tale.”
~ Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance


As always, thank you to our loyal readers and look for more great releases from Medallion Press!

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