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To Capture The CaptorTo Capture The Captor
by Jan Minter
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-331-3 (Electronic)

Heat Level: 2


Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words)
Description: Taken captive by the ruler of an enemy city, princess Maya suddenly finds herself a slave.  Although unwittingly attracted to King Yaque, her handsome and virile captor, she also hates him for his arrogance and contemptuous attitude.  Still, Maya has grand designs of her own.  She is determined to be more than just another concubine in his harem, perhaps even his queen, and will do just about anything to make that happen.  How can she impress him with her brains as well as her beauty and feminine wiles?  King Yaque finds his latest captive fascinating.  The fact she dares to stand up to him adds to her appeal.  When it comes to women, however, his attention span is short.  Will this defiant princess manage to capture his iron heart as well as tantalize his lusty appetites?………..Find Out More!





A Themed Weekend of
Younger Men/Older Women  

Erotic Romance
Featuring The Following Titles… 


Dream On by Melissa Bradley  


(Contemporary / Interracial / Multicultural)



Letting Go by Natalie J. Damschroder



Stealing Northe by Jamie Craig 

(Historical / The Old West / Ménage [M/M/F] / Bisexual [M/M] / Voyeurism)


Up And Coming by Layla Chase 

(Contemporary /  Romantic Comedy)



Dream On Letting Go Stealing Northe Up And Coming







Closet Matinee
ISBN: 978-1-60272-350-4
A New AmberPax Collection

Of “Hidden Hollywood” Gay Erotic Romance


Featuring The Following Titles… 


Beautiful LiarBeautiful Liar

by J. M. Snyder
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-351-1 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Exhibitionism / Public Places 

Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (25k words)

Description: New from J. M. Snyder, author of the best-sellers Crushed and The Bonds Of Love……
At fifteen, JT Pierce was the star of a hit TV show and had the world in his hands.  Every teenybopper magazine had his face on it; every teenage girl had his poster on her wall.  But then the show went on hiatus, and JT wouldn’t lower himself to bit parts or commercials.  Slowly, his star faded from view.  Seven years later, JT is Johnny Thomas, who hopes to jumpstart his career by hiring his former manager, Lou Merrin.  He wants to do serious movies, a huge blockbuster or two, and claim one of those coveted Oscars for himself.  But Lou cautions Johnny about the paparazzi, who can make or break a star, and he’s heard rumors of Johnny’s sexuality that might prevent him from landing those desired leading roles.  Still, Johnny’s nothing if not persistent, and he swears he’ll play it straight.  Until he meets Brett, a photographer who turns his life–and his heart–upside down.  Suddenly the celebrity gossip website Z-23 seems to have exclusive pictures of Johnny, and someone close to him leaks information about an audition that was supposed to be kept quiet.  When the photographs surface that Johnny thought were taken in confidence, he realizes he must choose between the career path Lou offers him and the love he wants to share with Brett………..Find Out More!


Leading ManLeading Man

by Gabrina Garza
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-352-8 (Electronic)
Gay / Contemporary / The Arts
Heat Level: 3
Extended Amber Kiss (17k words)
Description: New from Gabrina Garza, author of the best-sellers Take Me Out and Endangered…..
Cast in the same film, two men discover they have much more in common than acting……Xander Michaels enjoys one aspect of acting–he’s allowed to be someone else.  In front of the camera, he can whisk away audiences to foreign lands and into dangerous situations, while in his personal life, he’s struggling to maintain his role of “Hollywood hottie” and longtime love to actress Lillian Dell.  Yes, to outsiders, Xander and Lillian are the perfect Hollywood super-couple.  But Xander yearns for something more, and the life he secretly desires is being in the arms of his new movie sidekick, the sexy, young, and Scottish-born Angus McNamee.  Growing tired of the limelight and Lillian’s constant bid for attention and publicity, Xander begins to wonder…what if he finally escaped from the woman he doesn’t love?  What if he turned his back on his own career? A nd what if he became free of Hollywood news stories, and free to do whatever he pleased…preferably in Angus’s bed?………..Find Out More!


Sex Scene Take OneSex Scene: Take One

by Lee Avalone
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-353-5 (Electronic)
Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / The Arts / BDSM / Ménage / Group Sex / Voyeurism
Heat Level: 3
Extended Amber Kiss (14k words)
Description: New from Lee Avalone, author of the best-seller Light My Fire…..
Hank Blue is living the life, a Hollywood success story with millions of adoring fans.  So why isn’t he happy?  What would his fans say if they knew Hank sleeps with Hollywood starlets only to hide the fact he’s gay?  Coming out of the closet would destroy everything he’s worked for in the blink of an eye.  All the sacrifices he’s made would be for nothing.  As a vampire, Drake has seen it all more than once.  Why does a mortal movie star tempt him where others have failed?  Is he really so shallow?  Drake wants Hank Blue.  And Hank wants Drake’s alias, mild-mannered bit actor Wayne Reed.  Little does Hank know he has a vampire by the tail………..Find Out More!


Star AttractionStar Attraction

by Jamie Craig
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-354-2 (Electronic)
Gay / Nostalgic Contemporary (1950s-Era) / The Arts
Heat Level: 3
Novella (24k words)
Description: New from Jamie Craig, author of the best-selling series The Master Chronicles and Calendar Boys…..
In 1955, Sam Coles is Hollywood’s newest rising star, and his latest role in Gordon Palmer’s movie, The Devil Inside, promises to send his popularity into the stratosphere.  But Sam is less interested in the potential boost to his career, and more interested in his gorgeous co-star, Hollywood’s latest bad boy, Elijah McKinley.  Their careers rely on discretion, but Sam and Elijah cannot deny the desire between them.  Stealing glances and casual touches between takes soon gives way to heated kisses and clandestine meetings after shooting.  But neither of them knows what will happen when filming wraps and their lives move in separate directions………..Find Out More!



by Barrie Abalard
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-355-9 (Electronic)
Gay / Nostalgic Contemporary (1970s-Era) / The Arts / BDSM (Light) / Group Sex
Heat Level: 3
Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)
Description: New from Barrie Abalard, author of the best-seller Semper Fi…… 

It’s 1975–do you know what your sexual preference is?  Kirk Bauer, a leading man compared to John Wayne with Robert Redford’s looks, attends a Hollywood “swingers” party with his girlfriend.  There, they meet up with Kirk’s buddy Troy Camden and his girlfriend, Holly Lane.  Kirk’s lust, however, takes an unexpected turn when he watches Holly perform sexual acts on Troy.  Does he really want a man to perform similar acts on him?  And more importantly, does he really want to do that to his friend?  Troy, an up-and-coming leading man, has almost as much experience with men as with women, but he hasn’t allowed himself to fall for any man since he was twenty–that is, not until he and Kirk get down-and-dirty in one of the pool cabanas at the party.  For Troy, sex with a guy has never felt so right.  But can he keep his heart out of it?  Kirk struggles with his sexuality–and his feelings–almost as much as Troy tries to keep from falling for Kirk.  One weekend at Kirk’s ranch, however, the two finally admit their love for each other, only to have their affair outed three weeks later in the gossip rags.  With their careers in Hollywood possibly over, the two take bold action.  But will it be enough to reclaim their lives and their hearts?………..Find Out More!


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